Capturing the Soul of Memphis: Best Places for Instagram-Worthy Photos

This article was written by team members at Campfire Collective in collaboration with I Love Memphis. 

Memphis, Tennessee, is a city steeped in history, culture, and music. Unlike places we could name that have murals set up simply to attract bachelorette trips and photoshoots, Memphis has soul oozing out of every corner!

You can find unique spots around the city to capture images that fit your frame of mind. With its vibrant neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and the mighty Mississippi River, Memphis is a photographer's dream. Whether you're a local looking to showcase your hometown or a visitor eager to remember a special visit, we've put together a list of the best places to take pictures in Memphis.

people lined up on beale street with beale street flippers jumping over their heads
Justin Fox Burks

Beale Street:

Beale Street is the heart of Memphis's entertainment district, and it's a vibrant place to start your journey. The neon signs, live music, and historic ambiance offer fantastic opportunities for street photography.

two people jump in the air in front of sun studio
Pup and Roo

Sun Studio:

Known as the "Birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll," Sun Studio is a mecca for music enthusiasts and photographers alike. The studio tour provides access to Elvis's microphone and other legendary artifacts. The vintage interior is a goldmine for capturing retro-style imagery.

Shelby Farms  Sunset
Allen Gillespie

Shelby Farms Park:

Shelby Farms Park offers a vast green space right in the heart of Memphis. The picturesque lakes, walking trails, and serene landscapes are perfect for nature shoots and portraiture. Sunset shots by Hyde Lake are especially stunning.

River Garden Park | Alex Shansky

Mississippi River Park:

The mighty Mississippi River is an iconic backdrop for any Memphis photo album. Whether you're capturing sunrise reflections, romantic engagement photos, or the moon’s silvery beams dancing on the water, Old Man River will not disappoint.

marissa strang in front of stax
Marissa Strang

Stax Museum of American Soul Music:

Stax Museum is a treasure trove of soul music history, and its vibrant exterior, including the "Soulsville" sign, is a fantastic subject for photography. Inside, you can explore vintage instruments and record collections.

Woman in front of Mollie Fontaine Lounge Photo

Victorian Village:

In the downtown area, Victorian Village boasts beautifully preserved historic homes that make for a charming architectural and portrait photography setting. The ornate details and lush gardens are worth capturing. You’ll also discover some delightfully festive decorations for holiday photos.

Hiking the Old Forest Trails at Overton Park | Sean Fisher

Overton Park:

Overton Park is a hub of culture and nature. The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis College of Art, and the Memphis Zoo are all within its boundaries, providing diverse subjects for your lens. The Old Forest State Natural Area is a hidden gem for nature lovers.

Mural on Madison Avenue by Autozone Park
Alex Shansky

Bonus- Any alley downtown:

You can find so many tucked away, filled with art on the walls and lights up above. (Great for graduation pictures!)

Tom Lee Park lady on stilts with colorful outfit on at the park
Alex Shansky

Tom Lee Park:

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the newly renovated Tom Lee Park situated right on the river with endless opportunities for the perfect sunset shot.

family of five stands in front of with love from memphis mural
The Traveling Child

Memphis offers a wealth of photographic opportunities, from historic landmarks to natural beauty and vibrant street scenes. Whether you're into architecture, wildlife, or street photography, the Bluff City has something for every shutterbug. So, grab your camera, explore these spots, and capture the soul of Memphis through your lens!

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