Grizzlies Announce 2022-2023 Season Schedule

Things We Learned at Today's Grizzlies Press Conference

The Memphis Grizzlies announced their 2022-2023 season today and it’s exciting! Tickets are on sale now. Call (901) 888-HOOP for season tickets. 

See the full schedule here. Here are some highlights: 

  • regular season games start October 19 (Grizzlies vs. Knicks at FedExForum)
  • 18 nationally-televised games this year
  • Incredible announcement video (if you don’t know what Slicing is…it’s time to do a Google
  • About half of our home games are on the weekend
  • Christmas Game for the first time ever! (Grizzlies vs. Warriors at Chase Center, on ABC)
  • MLK Game on Jan. 16 (Grizzlies v. Suns at FedExForum)
  • Super Bowl Game on Feb. 12 (Grizzlies v. Celtics at TD Garden, on ABC before the Superb Owl)
  • Pre-season games start October 1

I'll be updating our "Where To Watch The Grizzlies" Guide soon, so stay tuned!

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