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Providing Memphians with ideas on what to do each week, where to eat, what’s new, giving you more reasons to love Memphis, and so much more would not be possible without the help of our growing number of contributors.

group photo of ILM Blog contributors
Ariel Cobbert

It's essential for the I Love Memphis Blog to represent the true tapestry of our community. So I’m proud to share that we are taking steps to amplify our city's culture by welcoming an ever-growing number of voices to contribute to our platform.

We're able to explore Memphis from various angles, shedding light on its history, culture, art, food, and so much more through the words of our contributors. They're able to help us reflect Memphis in all its richness, inviting readers to see their city through new eyes.

All our contributors bring their own taste and flavor with different specialities like writing about Memphis’ culture, music scene, small businesses, food, the outdoors, and more.

laughing group photo of ILM Blog contributors
Ariel Cobbert

Some of our writers are new and others have been long-time writers. Some are Memphians by birth and others by choice. 

Kim Thomas has a skill for beautifully capturing local shops through her photography and introducing them to our readers. Wesley Paraham wittingly curates a monthly music blog on what live shows to see reflecting all genres of sound. Joe Sills loves to tell the hidden gem stories of Memphis and exploring the spookiest of places.

Carmen Monèt fuses community connections into her stories and focuses culinary stories on the restaurants not getting the love they deserve. Tiffani Denham is a talent with a camera, capturing content of places with love and personality. Kelsey Lawrence is never afraid to try something new and has a passion for highlighting outdoor adventures.

We’re so lucky to have them on our team and to feature voices from different walks of life, backgrounds, and viewpoints, ensuring that our content resonates with all of Memphis.

group photo of ilm blog writers
Ariel Cobbert

For myself and Tyra Johnson, our content creator, curating lists and telling stories about the city we love is our joy. I am someone who was captivated by a city that welcomed me with open arms. I’m proud to have found a home here where the people, food, and history can’t be beat.

We’re so thankful that Tyra found her way back home to Memphis after living in New Orleans following her graduation from Xavier University. It has been so exciting to watch her rediscover the city and the many reasons to love it.

Our goals to grow still continue. Even now, there’s more work happening behind the scenes to bring even more people into the fold. If you’re a passionate Memphian and/or a lover of words, photography, social media, or the person your friends always go to for local recommendations – We’d love to hear from you.

We’re always growing.

screenshot of web page that shows individual contributor photos and bios
I Love Memphis Blog Contributors

We recently updated our "About ILM" page to showcase our contributors; where you can get a glimpse into their profiles and their recent stories. I encourage you to check out the new page to get to know each of them.

By expanding our roster and introducing our "About ILM" page, we're making a conscious effort to bring the entire community together. I'd like to think that I Love Memphis Blog is more than a blog; it's a reflection of the heart and soul of Memphis.

Through these voices, we can celebrate everything we love about Memphis and work together to make it a better community for everyone.

shot from far away of memphis skyline and bridge
Phillip Van Zandt

A special thanks to our photograph Ariel Cobbert and Caption by Hyatt who allowed us the opportunity to use their space to capture photographs of our team.

Have an idea or story you'd like to see our team cover? Email us at [email protected].

About the Author

Hello! I'm Jalyn Souchek, the Director of Content for I Love Memphis Blog! I love calling the 901 home. When I'm not running the blog you can find me cheering on the Grizzlies, at a concert, exploring a new restaurant or kicking back at one of our breweries. I hope you'll love experiencing Memphis with me.

Build your perfect Memphis meal:

I love to eat so if I were to have only one meal left.. I’m going all out. I’d start with an app of Gumbo Fries from Blue City Cafe or Bayou Fries from Chef Tam, wings from Good Fortune or Central’s (honey gold and Jamaican Jerk), potato salad from Fat Larry’s, side of bbq spaghetti from Bar-B-Q Shop, and fried okra from Soul Fish. All paired with a Beale Street Brewing Space Age Sippin’.

Your most memorable Memphis moment:

College GameDay on Beale Street. That was an electric and perfect morning. I was still working in news then and was able to take it in up close and on the stage at some points. The fun and joy of everyone down there that morning is unbeatable.

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