Dumpling Heaven At Dim Sum Memphis Food Truck

Where To Get Dim Sum In Memphis: One option is this tasty food truck.

Shame on me for taking so long to try the tasty dumplings from the Dim Sum food truck. Yesterday I finally found my way to them at the Soul & Spirits Brewery taproom in Uptown, thanks to a few pals who were already fans. 

soup dumplings and potstickers with a dark beer
Holly Whitfield
inside soul and spiritis
Holly Whitfield

What Is Dim Sum?

If you’re not familiar, dim sum (according to the DimSum Mem food truck's Facebook page) is “a traditional style of Chinese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions”. For a dine-in experience, it’s usually served in small steamers but for the food truck, they are using to-go containers after cooking. 

Three Reasons To Love Dim Sum Mem

1. They're Everywhere

The first thing to like about the Dim Sum truck is that they cover a wide range geographically in the Memphis area. A lot of food trucks have their favorite spots and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s nice when you can catch them near you at some point. 

Dim Sum Mem makes the rounds at many local breweries and at the Yorkshire Liquors parking lot off of Quince. You can see their schedule on their Instagram.

2. The Service

The next thing to like about Dim Sum is the ordering process. We had planned to get our food to-go because #covid, but Soul & Spirit's spacious brew hall had plenty of room to space way out and everyone was masked up.

We ordered a few beers and sat down at one of the long benches. Every table had the Dim Sum menu and a number for you to text your order. When it was ready, they brought it inside to us and we paid there using Square on the phone. I think they do this at most of their stops, but can’t be sure. Great service and very friendly. Be sure to tip well! 

dim sum food truck menu
Holly Whitfield
Holly Whitfield
Soup Dumplings in their little pans and chicken pot stickers.

3. Delicious Food

The third reason to like this truck is the food. It’s delicious, it tastes fresh, it came with cute packets of hand wipes, mints, and sauces. I already want more and it’s not even been 24 hours.

We ordered the Shanghai soup dumplings, the steam pork buns, and the chicken pot stickers. My favorite was the steamed pork buns: bits of pork in a tangy sauce, nestled in a pillow of airy, sweet dough. Add chili oil to your liking and ascend to dumpling heaven. 

Soup dumplings — a top contender for Cutest Food On Earth — have been around in some form for many years in Chinese cuisine. However, I understand they may be new to some folks in Memphis so please excuse the explanation: soup dumplings are little puffs of thin dough filled with piping hot soup.

You can eat it all in one bite if they're small like the ones from Dim Sum Mem. Or you can eat the soup dumping in two small bites if you're careful not to let the liquid escape. Proceed with caution.

What should I try next?

Next time, which I think is going to happen sooner rather than later, I may be more adventurous with my order. The noodle soups looked tantalizing, maybe to get an extra bowl to share. What should I try?

inside a soup dumpling
Holly Whitfield
The world inside a soup dumpling.
pork buns with dumplings
Holly Whitfield
Steam Pork Buns

About Soul & Spirits Brewery

Soul & Spirits Brewery opened in October 2021 in Uptown. They have a huge selection of craft beers, most with names inspired by Memphis music. You can order full and half beer pours, flights, and get your growlers filled, too. 

The taproom was much bigger than I expected. There are at least a dozen long benches, a long bar, an area with a giant chess board that had roll up doors. I did not see any dedicated outdoor seating, but I imagine those doors open up for a lovely breeze in warmer weather.

There's even an enclosed quiet room for working. They had water bowls and dog treats and some notes about rules for bringing dogs, because the place is dog-friendly! 

soul and spirits brewery exterior
Holly Whitfield
inside soul and spirits brewery
Holly Whitfield
Go There: 

Dim Sum Memphis Food Truck
Follow the food truck on Instagram and Facebook for locations, hours, and menu.

Go There: 

Soul & Spirits Brewery
895 N. Main Street


Open Wed/Thurs 4-10p & Fri/Sat Noon-10p* SUBJECT TO CHANGE

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