What's Inside And Around The Crosstown Concourse?

A Look Inside The Crosstown Concourse

The Crosstown Concourse building is a unique piece of historic architecture, reinvented into a vertical urban village filled with art, shops, restaurants, apartments, and much, much more. You have to see this place for yourself—and here’s what to expect. But first, some fast facts. 

Crosstown Concourse / Phillip Van Zandt

What is the Concourse?

The Crosstown Concourse, formerly known as Sears Crosstown building, served as a distribution center for the Sears mail-order catalog from 1927 until 1993. It sat vacant until 2015, when the Crosstown Arts organization revitalized the Art Deco building into 1.1 million square foot mixed use space. Today, it’s home to Church Health Center, a YMCA, Crosstown High School, Crosstown Arts, apartments, restaurants, and businesses.

Learn more about the building’s history and its transformation in this Q&A with Crosstown Arts founder Todd Richardson.

Memphis, Tennessee's Crosstown Concourse

What’s Inside The Concourse Building

You can get an in-depth list of all the tenants of the Concourse on their excellent website, and anyone can explore the public areas of the building. There are several restaurants and cafes including Global Cafe, Farm Burger, Lucy J’s Bakery, Pizzeria Trasimeno, Curb Market, French Truck Coffee, Sweet Magnolia Gelato, Abner's Famous Chicken Tenders, and Wolf River Brisket.

For craft cocktails and mocktails in an artsy atmosphere, head to Art Bar at Crosstown upstairs near the gallery spaces.

Check the schedule for the Crosstown Theater and the Green Room at Crosstown Arts. Both host a variety of concerts, live music, film screenings, and performances.

Be sure you check out the Memphis Listening Lab while you're in the building—it was recently featured in Garden & Gun magazine. 

Here’s a few more gems you’ll find inside:

French Truck Coffee shop in the Concourse's Central Atrium.
Crosstown Concourse / Alex Shansky
Alex Shansky
Crosstown Arts mural on the second level of the Concourse.
Holiday lights in the Central Atrium of the Concourse.
global cafe spread crosstown concourse
Alex Shansky
West Atrium of Crosstown Concourse
Art Deco Tower at Crosstown Concourse
Holly Whitfield
The building's original Art Deco architectural features, like the Tower, remain intact.

What To Do Near The Crosstown Concourse

When you've explored everything inside the Concourse building, take a look at some of the fun very Memphis spots near the building and in the neighborhood: 

Crosstown Plaza Splash Pad / Water Feature

This was not built as a splash pad for kids (I don't think) but it totally works.

kids playing in water at Crosstown Concourse splash pad plaza
Alex Shansky
Flip Side Pinball Bar

Just across from the plaza on Autumn Avenue is, Flipside pinball bar. It's kid-friendly during the day and serves tacos and other Latin-inspired eats. 

Crosstown Brewing Co. 

One of Memphis's top breweries has indoor and outdoor seating to enjoy local craft beer. Sometimes they'll have food trucks, music, or other fun programming too.

Black Lodge Video

Black Lodge is a Memphis institution—one of the few video rental stores left in the country. They have everything and their passionate cinephiles on staff can also make personal recommendations for what to watch. They're much more than a video rental spot, too. They have a full bar and food menu, and always have a movie on the screen. 

In the evenings, you can catching film screenings, live music, poetry and spoken word nights, dance parties, watch parties, and even the occaisonal 901 Wrestling night!

Hi Tone Cafe

Just up the street on Cleveland is another Memphis institution, the Hi Tone Cafe music venue. Catch your underground rock, punk, rap, metal and other bands both visiting and local. Plus there's burlesque and drags shows, open mic night poetry and comedy, and more. Sundays is Night Brunch will all drinks $4. 

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Stephen M Carn…
Great rehabilitation for a building not used in some time. Thank You.
September 7, 2016 1:34pm
Eugene Broenneke
Nice location http://annonceintabuk.com/vb/showthread.php?p=97336#post97336
January 6, 2019 7:00am

It  is a very Beautiful and spectacular Building, I enjoyed my visit. The  main floor is where I visit.the foodand the Theater is awesome. Will visit again. IVery  had nice time .

March 3, 2021 9:20pm

I am Handicapped and need a wheelchair or walker to get around. How close to the building is the parking? And when inside what elevators do I take to get to 3rd Floor to Crosstown Back Dr. Bradley Wargo?

June 1, 2021 5:49pm
Holly Whitfield

Hi there, There should be reserved spots for wheelchair users that are near ramps to the entrance. Call your doctor's office to clarify and to determine which elevators to use! 

June 7, 2021 7:11pm