5 Reasons To Go To Cooper Young Beerfest 2022

5 Reasons To Go To Cooper Young Beerfest 2022

The 12 annual Cooper Young Beer Fest is this Saturday It's no secret that it's one of my favorite festivals in town. There are still just a few tickets left on sale for Saturday's event - so get yours now before they sell out.

Tickets are $55+fees and include unlimited beer tastings from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m., a CY Beerfest mug, and tunes from Goner Records. They'll have local food trucks on site, too.

Here are five reasons to go to cy beerfest this year:

1. Shorter beer lines.

This is the big one that sets the CY Beer Fest apart. Other events can try to cram as many people in to the event as possible. But with limited sales for CYB, this means shorter lines aka more chances for you to try new and unique beers. You'll get your money's worth, for sure. Trust me.

2. There will be a ton of regional and local beer.

This year, there will be 33 regional breweries and home-brew clubs. All the breweries represented at the Fest are all from places within about a day's drive of Memphis. It's not a random collection of whatever's leftover from distributors.

3. Every brewery sends an ambassador. 

Here's another one that sets Cooper Young Beerfest apart: each brewery is required to send at least one person who is knowledgeable about their beer in case you want to nerd out about it. Yes, volunteers will be there to help pour and keep things moving, but you may have the chance to talk with the brewer or the brewery owner. Surprisingly, this not standard at most beer festivals.

4. The Fest is a fundraiser for the CYCA.

All proceeds go towards the Cooper-Young Community Association, which is mostly volunteer run. The CYCA works to improve the residential and commercial locations in the neighborhood.


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5. Immaculate Vibes

If you want an event that's chill but festive, that's worth your money, and that is meant for beer knowers and lovers but without being pretentious...this one is the one for you! Tunes from Goner Records and food from local food trucks for sale, too.

Other important things:

  • Tickets are $55 per person + fees and you can buy them here.
  • You can get dropped off by your Uber/Lyft/DD in front of the venue, which is the Midtown Autowerks lots next to the trestle art—sorta across the street and a south from Memphis Made Brewing.
  • Leave the kids and dogs at home for this one, everybody needs to be 21 and up in order to get in.
  • Again, there will be food from local food trucks.
  • Again, Goner Records will be there with a DJ.

Go there:

Cooper Young Beer Fest
Saturday October 22, 2022
1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
795 S. Cooper (in Autowerks, next to the Trestle Art)

Buy tickets here.


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