Go Tigers Go to The Blue Room Restaurant

While the University of Memphis is stamped on the restaurant, they have so much more to offer.

The Blue Room Restaurant is a blend between fine dining and a good ole’ fashioned bar. They’ve managed to curate an enriched experience with their twist on some of our favorite Southern dishes.  

grits plate from blue restaurant
Carmen Monèt
blue room menu
Carmen Monèt

Chicken and waffles? They’ve got it. Bayou shrimp and grits? Um, yes please. And their menu is filled with options for meat-lovers and beloved vegans. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for a good brunch spot. To me a good brunch spot consists of: great food and drinks, a nice ambience, and exceptional customer service.

Between the perfectly seasoned Salmon Benedict and the on-going Jazz music playing in the background..this was a great brunch experience.

Head-chef and former culinary student at the UofM, Martavious McGee, took a moment from the kitchen to talk to me about the Blue Room and their intersection with the University of Memphis.

“It was Spring ‘22 when we built the hydroponic garden that we now have here. Students from the culinary program intern throughout the entire restaurant. Any herbs that we need, we get from them. We make different syrups, oils, concentrates, all different types of things with what they grow.”

corndog plate
Carmen Monèt
The Blue Room dining area
Carmen Monèt

If someone were to come in here and order the “Chef’s Special,” what would that be?

“Whatever our fish is for that day for sure. My favorite thing on the menu is our Halibut Special, its pan-seared halibut with mashed potatoes paired with a little bit of basil oil.”

So THAT’S why the salmon was so good, gotcha.

Chef McGee also let me know that within the next upcoming years the restaurant will slowly evolve into a more fine dining experience, as they plan to expand on both the menu and the ambience.

And get this, if you stop by on a Friday or Saturday your meal is accompanied by a local live band, that’s a two-for-one special if you ask me.

So, Go Memphis..Go..to the Blue Room.

chicken and waffles plate
Carmen Monèt
salmon Benedict
Carmen Monèt


The Blue Room Restaurant
1245 N Germantown Pkwy Suite 101
Memphis, TN 38016

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Build your perfect Memphis meal:

If I could build my version of the “perfect” meal in Memphis, we’d have to take a drive around the city and make a few stops. I’m a certified taco lover, and currently TacosNGanas has been my go-to for some good shrimp tacos. Once we leave there, let's slide over to Slider Inn, and order the “Mix & Match,” granted we’re doing more matching than mixing, because I only ever order their fried Buffalo Chicken sliders with no pickles, ofcourse. Now our next stop has some of the best food I’ve ever tasted, but what stood out the most to me was their creamy mac & cheese, I’m a southern girl and I love me some mac & cheese. Last but not least, we’ve got to walk just a couple of doors down to Babalu for some fresh guacamole. I can  assure you that there is absolutely nothing cohesive about this picnic, but none of the flavors will disappoint you. 

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