Ashanti Holder

Memphis Culture and Food Writer

Hi, I’m Ashanti! I am a freelance writer, travel enthusiast, foodie, etc! My career journey has taken me from the realms of healthcare to tech, to marketing, to eventually the creation of my own food blog on Instagram. My path may seem like a mere abbreviation with "etc.", but the impact of each twist and turn has shaped the person I am today.

As you may have noticed, I have various interests so you can find me around town either playing tennis, working out, trying a new coffeeshop or bar, or hanging with friends at Railgarten!


Why do you love Memphis?

I resonate with Memphis in a lot of ways that it is complex and doesn’t conform to fitting into any particular box. It’s loud, it’s gritty, and it possesses an unmistakable heart and soul. In its complexity our city holds pain, and yet, it’s the very birthplace of blues and rock’n’roll.  The longer I've called Memphis home, the more I've uncovered its hidden treasures – whether in the form of unique dining spots, unexpected opportunities, or connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Through the art of storytelling, my goal is to peel back the layers and celebrate the multifaceted beauty of Memphis and its phenomenal communities.


Build your perfect Memphis meal: One thing I think the French do really well at, is multiple courses so I’m going French style. Buckle up as we’ll be going around town!

Aperif and Hor D’oeuvres: Coastal Fish Company – Glass of wine and oysters from Coastal Fish Co

Main Course: Suga Shack – Catfish, macaroni, and yams with a live jazz band (the BEST)

Dessert: Houston Levee Creamery – I’ll end the night having 1 (okay 2), affogatos!


What's your Memphis hot take: We’re not necessarily known on the top foodie list for anything other than the barbecue, but the real hidden gem is the wings and other fusions of food!!! We have amazing wings, great Vietnamese, Thai, Caribbean food, and more dessert shops you can think of. Memphis isn’t a “in your face” city with various food restaurants. We’re a “get to know you slowly” kinda city!