Memphis Music Feature: Alexis Grace

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This month's feature focuses on Memphis pop singer Alexis Grace. When she's not performing live or working on her first full-length album, you may catch her listening to Dashboard Confessional or roasting MLGW ahead of a storm.

Get to know Alexis in our interview.

close up Alexis singing into mic
Hannah Gore

Our Interview with Alexis Grace:

How would you describe your style of music?

Overall, I would say the main genre is pop, however I like to pull from my musical influences that you like: elements of soul, country and a little rock.  

Is there a song of yours that is especially special to you and why?

I have a few actually, especially with the album I'm currently working on, but one of my most personal songs that I'm proud of is "Will You Miss Me" That's from my first EP "Kiddo" that I released a while back. I wrote that right after my father had passed away. Both of my parents were very encouraging and supportive of my passion for music at an early age. My dad was a professional musician in Memphis playing for Memphis legends like Ann Peebles. After my dad passed, it forced me to think about what he must have been thinking as an artist. What did he want to leave behind to the ones that he loved? I guess the song is about our parents and the legacy they want to leave with us. The song also touches on living your most authentic life which my dad did every day. 

What about Memphis inspires you creatively?

The people. Period. The passion amoungst our community is unmatched. Whether its music, art, sports, food etc... everything that we do in this city is done with soul.

Alexis grace studio photo
Will Knutson

What do you love about the current Memphis music scene?

Honestly, the list of why I love the music scene could go on and on. First lets just start by saying the talent. It kind of goes back to what I said before "everything we do in this city, we do it with soul". I think there's something in the water or the air here. I also love the diversity in sound... the artistry. I jumped back in the local scene around 2022 and was so inspired by all of the talent that had emerged. I specifically want to shout out the women artists of Memphis. Growing up in this city, I didn't see a lot of women fronting bands or being a solo act. Now... these women are a force!

Which place gives you that Memphis vibe?

This question kind of makes me giggle, in the best way. It depends on what kind of Memphis vibe you're wanting. One of my favorite vibes about this city is our sense of humor. Why is everyone so funny here? Like the way we all collectively roast MLGW before a storm or the fear of God we all get when driving in the far right lane on Poplar.  I could name a specific landmark or event but to me Memphis is a state of mind. Memphis is about the people. 

Do you have a story that changed you as an artist, a moment in time that moved the needle for you?

I would assume that most people have many "needle moving" moments throughout their life. The most recent one I had at the beginning of 2022. I had asked John Paul Keith to play on a couple of my songs and then hop on a show later in the year. I sent him a bunch of my demos to learn for the show. These demos were literally just collecting "dust". He called me pretty soon and told me how much he liked the songs and was curious if I had planned on recording them. This may not sound like an epic moment but to me it was. Being an artist can be very isolating at times, and all it takes sometimes is literally one person saying "hey this is good. you should keep doing it" and then the next thing you know, you're making an album together.

Alexis singing while playing guitar
Hannah Gore

What is the most unexpected music interest you have?

Anything in the emo rock genre. Dashboard Connfessional is a personal fav. I used to wake up to "Vindicated" every morning on my CD alarm clock. I'm a 2000's girl so it's required. 

Where can we hear you?

I'm really excited about my next show Sunday, March 24th at Germantown Community Theater. Doors open at 7pm. All ages. Premium tickets $30 (closer to stage with FREE signed CD) Regular seating tickets $20 

What are you working on currently or any recent projects?

Right now, I'm working on my first full length album. I mentioned before that John Paul Keith and I are working on this together. This has been a dream of mine ever sense I started to perform. This is some of my favorite music that I've written. I don't have a release date as of yet. The planning around an album release is quite the task so I want to make sure the music is right before I begin all of the planning.  We will head back into studio later this spring to finsih the rest of the songs. In the meantime, my music is on all streaming platforms and could use a little love and make sure to follow me on Instagram :-) Tune in and follow >>


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Hello! I'm Jalyn Souchek, the Director of Content for I Love Memphis Blog! I love calling the 901 home. When I'm not running the blog you can find me cheering on the Grizzlies, at a concert, exploring a new restaurant or kicking back at one of our breweries. I hope you'll love experiencing Memphis with me.

Build your perfect Memphis meal:

I love to eat so if I were to have only one meal left.. I’m going all out. I’d start with an app of Gumbo Fries from Blue City Cafe or Bayou Fries from Chef Tam, wings from Good Fortune or Central’s (honey gold and Jamaican Jerk), potato salad from Fat Larry’s, side of bbq spaghetti from Bar-B-Q Shop, and fried okra from Soul Fish. All paired with a Beale Street Brewing Space Age Sippin’.

Your most memorable Memphis moment:

College GameDay on Beale Street. That was an electric and perfect morning. I was still working in news then and was able to take it in up close and on the stage at some points. The fun and joy of everyone down there that morning is unbeatable.

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