Get Immersed in 35+ Games at The Adventure Museum

Amuse: The Adventure Museum is a state-of-the-art social gaming facility with 35+ games and over 100 levels of fun designed for groups of 2-6 players.

We had a chance to experience the one-of-a-kind Adventure Museum ahead of its October 13, 2023 grand opening and we had the most fun and left with stomachs hurting from laughing so much.

This made me feel like I was in "Double Dare" meets "Legends of the Hidden Temple" meets "The Challenge" – don’t forget to visit their version of the Hidden Temple too.

We were swinging on ropes, crawling like mice, climbing, solving murder mysteries, making potions like were Harry Potter characters, scaling walls like ninjas, and so much more. Overall, it was a blast.

two girls on a see saw in themed room
Jalyn Souchek
I See, You Saw
woman holds from spinning top in game room
Jalyn Souchek
Hang Man
two women climb and play in ninja themed training room
Jalyn Souchek
Ninja Training

The Adventure Museum is created by the Memphis Escape Rooms but don’t picture this as an escape room. Instead, they have created 35+ unique mini rooms with 100 levels.

All the games and levels are different and each will put you to the test within three categories: mental, physical, and skill. Some are a blend of two or all three. You can play as a team, compete against each other, or play independently. 

Unlike escape rooms, you’re not trapped within a game until it’s completed. Not feeling it or too difficult? That’s okay! You can pack up and head to the next one or wait until time runs out.

Each adventure is fast paced between one to five minutes long. There are also multiple levels if you want to stick around and keep playing as the rounds get more challenging.

potion master themed room with three girls inside
Jalyn Souchek
Potion Master
girl crawls through a mouse maze
Jalyn Souchek
Lab Rat Labyrinth

Here's How it Works:

Picture a giant room with a ton of individual pods. When you arrive, you are given a wristband which you will use to scan into each game. Pricing is by the time so you can get a two-hour, four-hour, or all day pass.

There are free lockers that you can scan to close with your wristband. Put whatever you don't want to hold in there because you're going to want to have your hands free during each game.

Outside each pod there is a display with quick instructions before heading in. Each game can be experienced by two to six people. It’s all free-range so if you have a larger group, you can split up and mix and match to go into different pods. Play every game or just the ones that sound interesting to you.

I suggest giving them all a chance because you never know what the game will be like until you open that door.

three women stand outside the warehouse game pod
Jalyn Souchek
employees behind desk at adventure museum
Jalyn Souchek
Front desk check-in
basketball rings in air in game pod
Jalyn Souchek
Pick Up Game

Once inside the pod, you are transported into a themed live-action game. There’s a little bit of a learning curve in the beginning (or maybe it was just us ha) but you can play a game as many times as you want. There are also many employees standing by to help.

Personally, my favorites were the rooms that made you feel like you were in an old game show action course where you're competing to finish with the best time. The Gauntlet and Prison Run were both multi-floor courses that had you crawling, zip-lining, and scaling walls.

I really could go on and on about each of the rooms but I don’t want to ruin the surprise that is behind every door.

exterior of the gauntlet room
Jalyn Souchek
Zip-line and dash your way through The Gauntlet
two girls pose with murder mystery table
Jalyn Souchek
There's Been A Murder

A few helpful tips:

  • Dress to be active and wear closed-toe shoes
  • Store everything in your locker so your hands are free
  • It’s designed primarily for older kids and adults
  • People under 60” tall will need assistance from taller members
  • All players 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult 21+
  • Save time and sign your waivers online in advance
  • Book online too to secure your spot, walk-ins are acceptable too
woman crawls through net of wires
Jalyn Souchek
Elastic Run
pirate themed room
Jalyn Souchek
Pirate Treasure

Plan Your Trip:

The Adventure Museum
3115 Walnut Grove Rd
Memphis, TN 38111

Monday - Thursday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday - Saturday: 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Sunday: 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Tickets and Pricing:
2-Hour Pass: $44.99 per person + taxes/fees
4-Hour Pass: $64.99 per person + taxes/fees
All Day Pass: $99.99 per person + taxes/fees

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Use code “TimeToPlay” to get a 4-hour pass for $44.99

**There is a 50% discount for kids 2-7 years old**

exterior entrance of amuse museum
Jalyn Souchek

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