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Today’s interview is with Alexander Harris, Memphis musician known as HARZEE.

I first heard HARZEE at the Tennessee Songwriters Week showcase, a competition he ended up winning with his performance of his original song "Skyfall." Although he was one of the youngest competitors, he was the most confident and blew everyone away. Plus, that song is seriously catchy. Give it a listen here.

JS: How do you describe your music style?

H: I would say my music most strongly connects to the Pop genre, but it also has lots of R&B influence alongside the Indie genre as well.

JS: Describe what Skyfall is about and how it came to be.

H: Well, I'll say that the bottom line of my goal was to capture the emotions of a person that could deal with loss yet accept that love and life have to continue to thrive in even the most sudden or devastating love droughts. I wanted to write a song that allows the listener to feel encouraged by the sound of the music despite the lyrics being accepting and welcoming to a closing chapter.

JS: When and how did you get into music and performing?

H: I can wholeheartedly say that my passion and inspiration for music and performing came from seeing Ariana Grande just doing her thing since I was a little kid. I've followed her since her Nickolodeon days, so being able to see her transition from an acting career to full on pop-star was thrilling to me. Through her music, I was able to discover what fun and love behind creating art in the studio really felt and sounded like. I realized I wanted to pursue music full-time when everyone started to notice I could sing my butt off. At the age of 12, I was already looking for a studio to make my music in.

Now, I can't imagine a life where music isn't the center and main focus of my existence. 

HARZEE wears purple and pink glowing glasses in the dark with his face faintly showing

JS: What does it mean to you having won the TN Songwriters Competition and the opportunity to record at Made in Memphis?

H: I'm still as speechless as I was when they announced it on stage! I had a little doubt going into the whole experience since I'm currently growing into performing my own music. Seeing so many seasoned country artists able to sing and play their guitars in front of a packed crowd left me unsure of my cool outfit and backing track. However, I believe that being set apart from everyone else is what really got me this far. I'm just glad I got the opportunity to share my music with the world on a live stage! I cannot wait to make some art at Made in Memphis. I know it's going to be such a blast gracing the same studio that the legendary David Porter spoke life into!

JS: What inspires you creatively?

H: I'd say life, but that'd be too vague. Quite honestly, my creative inspiration comes from aiming to see my life through a lense other than what I usually take at face value. It takes true passion to experience everything firsthand, but translate it in my brain into a another language (which is music). Random tunes and hooks pop into my brain everyday, but it takes experience to really turn it into words that flow, rhyme, and connect with my audience.

JS: How influential is Memphis to your music?

H: Without Memphis, the drive behind my music would have to come from some other outlet. I've seen what we can really do, and the spotlight is rarely on the new generation that's pushing boundaries that our city has a heavy hand in. Being a Memphian, born and raised, I feel like I truly know what it's really going to take in the long run to bring attention to all of the hidden talent budding behind the scenes.

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JS: What's next for HARZEE?

H: Be on the lookout! Fingers crossed, I will be able to share my upcoming album with everyone soon. Other than that, I have a music video for "Skyfall" on the way, as well as some really exciting content that'll be shared on my YouTube Channel.

JS: Where can we listen to you?

H: My music is everywhere! You can find all three of my singles and their various versions on all streaming platforms, and they're even available in digital stores like iTunes and Amazon Music for purchase! Take a listen on Spotify, YouTube Music, Soundcloud and more.

JS: Anything else you want to share?

H: Be sure to follow me on all of my socials to keep up with me! I also have a cool new website and groupchats to join my other supporters in helping me share my music with everyone who needs to hear it. Memphis, I would LOVE your support in helping me spread the word. This is great music and potential. I want to put us back on the mainstream map for something much greater than what we're known for! 

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