Memphis Music Feature: Terence F. Clark

Memphis Music Feature: Terence F. Clark

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Today’s interview is with Terence F. Clark.

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Recently nominated for a Grammy in the Best Traditional Blues Album category, the drummer of the Robert Cray band, and Memphian Terence F. Clark has continued to stay busy in recording studios in 2020.

“The people of Memphis are home to me.” - Terence F. Clark


Here’s the Q&A:

MH: In one word or phrase, what about Memphis inspires you creatively?

Terence: The beautiful weight of Memphis’ incredible legacy and the chance to be part of that historic narrative, is what inspires and drives my creative process.

 MH:  Who in Memphis do you love to listen to?

Terence: Some of my favorite current Memphis artists are, Kenneth Whalum, Emi Secrest, Brennan Villines, Stephani McCoy, Preauxx, AWFM, Mononeon, James Anderson, Jeremy Stanfill, Talibah, Steve Selvidge, Cameron Bethany and Kirby. A few of my favorite Memphis bands/groups are JCKSN AVE., The Bag Men, Adajyo, The City Champs and The Sensational Barnes Brothers.

MH: Which place gives you that Memphis vibe?

Terence: The people of Memphis are home to me. The way it feels when I return to the city and the sounds I hear and feel just by being back. Pho Binh, Pho Saigon, Kwik Chek, Casablanca, Saltwater Crab, Central BBQ and the burgers from Tops BBQ are just some of the eateries that give me full on Memphis vibes. Biking through Midtown, checking out what’s new at 901 Comics and Memphis Drum Shop. Anywhere in Memphis is going to be a great hang and fantastic experience.

 MH: Can you give advice to young artists starting out?

Terence: I believe the best advice I could give to a young artist/creative of any medium is that this creative lifestyle comes with sacrifice. Sacrifices that you can’t predict and that not many people will relate to. Don’t allow the lack of others understanding to hinder you.

Practicing consistency, and stepping into a “be better” than who you were prior mindset, is key to self confidence and discipline. Contrary to some beliefs, being a creative requires many disciplines. Listen, learn and apply wisdom from those who have lived in the space you seek. New ideas don’t just come from the young, they come from all those who are seeking deeper expression. Don’t allow your ego to lead you into ideas of greatness. Find motivation from a diverse application of ideals and philosophies.

I’ve learned so many lessons and the one that stays in the forefront of my mind is that none of this is about competition. There is nothing new but there is so much that can and will be new to you. Holding to the humility of that truth is where long lasting confidence is built. It serves us in being better humans first and creatives second.

MH: Can you name a particular time or event that changed you as a musician?

Terence: This may sound really strange as an answer to this question but I think the moment of being born from two amazing and creative humans who taught me how to create, how to manage my empathic nature into what I do in this world, is the definitive moment that moved and continues to move the needle for me.

Knowing how to exist in open submission to the flow of whomever may come along your path with resources, influence and favor, was the fundamental principle my parents taught me. The needle will always stay in motion with that kind of revelatory teaching.

MH: Where can we hear you?

Terence: Although this year has been a very different experience, it has brought about a lot of great collaborations.

Here are some current projects I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of in 2020:

  • Robert Cray Band “That’s What I Heard”
  • David Ryan Harris / The Hush Money “Maiden America”
  • Treva Blomquist “Snakes & Saints”
  • Wildeyes “In A Heartbeat” and “American Made”
  • “Alone Together Album” Various Artist
  • Ellie Turner “Because I Did” EP
  • Meisha “Run The Show”
  • Good Shepherd Collective “Hymns Vol. 01”
  • Good Shepherd Collective “The Sun Will Rise”
  • Jordy Searcy “Christmas Magic”
  • Jon McLaughlin “Christmas Time” EP
  • Dave Barnes “Go Tell It On The Mountain” and “You To Me”
  • Therese Curatolo “LA Struggle” 

Find more details of current and past projects &  future tour dates at:

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