Memphis Music Feature: Cameron Bethany

Memphis Music Feature: Cameron Bethany

I can't believe Memphis Music Month is almost over. Today is our final of nine profiles on local musicians and artists for the month of October. Don't worry, though! We'll continue to bring you weekly Memphis music features—so you can discover new music and get to know the amazing people making that music.

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“The you that you are is YOU enough.” - Cameron Bethany

“I’m inspired by the unconventional stuff,  the things about [Memphis] that push the envelope.” - Cameron Bethany


MH: In one word or phrase, what about Memphis inspires you creatively?

Cameron: I’m inspired by the unconventional stuff,  the things about [Memphis] that push the envelope. The underdogs. UNAPOLOGETIC. is literally a hub of creation that started from nothing and has morphed into a beacon of hope and a reliable resource to all things creative. I can be what God called me to be in this conglomerate.

MH:  Who in Memphis do you love to listen to?

Cameron: I love listening to artists in the UNAPOLOGETIC roster, including myself (haha), but aside from those, there’s artists like: The Doll McCoy, who is 1/4 of ADAJYO who is a group I grew up LOVING. Also others like SheChinah, Ashley Ave, The Barnes Family, and so many more.

MH: Which place gives you that Memphis vibe?

Cameron: There is nothing Memphis can do to NOT be home, but I must say places like Hueys, Dirty Socks Studios, U-World, Overton Park, all remind me that I’m in a good place.

MH: Can you give advice for a young artist getting started, lessons you have learned.

Cameron: Do ALL the things you like, and not just what others think you should do. The you that you are is YOU enough. Put your art in the world, and it will attract all the good that belongs to you.

MH: Do you have a quick story that changed you as an artist, a moment in time that moved the needle for you?

Cameron: I spent a month in Japan in 2014–– that changed my life. It was during this trip that I had my first true communing with God, so far away from home, all alone in a cherry blossom garden. Prior to this visit, I had so many limitations and the wrong impression of who and what God was. In that garden, I was overwhelmed with tears while praying and listening to God, and I came to the realization that though I am such a small piece of this world’s puzzle, all it takes is one missing piece to distort the big picture. I connected with my value. My reason for being. My artistry. My SELF.

I haven’t been the same since.

MH: Where can we hear you?

Cameron: New single on the way. New body of work on the way. All I can say for now is: “YOUGETONMYNERVES”. Period.

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