All Aboard The Memphis Pineapple Express Food Truck

All Aboard The Memphis Pineapple Express Food Truck

All aboard the Memphis Pineapple Express! This new food truck is dedicated to the pineapple bowl, a full meal served inside a hollowed-out pineapple that's stuffed with rice, salsa, and protein drizzled in sauce.

The Memphis Pineapple Express truck moves around town, but often is parked at 5963 Summer Avenue or 3385 Austin Peay Highway.

The menu offers you a choice of proteins: steak, chicken, or shrimp, or a combination, and a choice of teriyaki or island jerk flavor. The Memphis Pineapple Express also serves burgers—a teriyaki burger or an island jerk burger, both served with fries. There's also a breakfast menu, served occasionally, that looks completely delicious.

The owners are husband-and-wife team, Kevin and Cammy Henry. Chef Cammy Henry has had a passion for food for years, and started the soft opening process for Memphis Pineapple Express food truck in late May. More to come from Chef Henry, soon.

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Usually open Tuesday - Saturday for lunch and early dinner.

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