Memphian To Meet: Chad Weekley aka DJ Memphi$ Jone$

Memphian To Meet: Chad Weekley aka DJ Memphi$ Jone$

Today's Memphian To Meet is Chad Weekley aka DJ Memphi$ Jone$. He will go live from the lobby of Central Station this Friday night, May 1 at 8:30 p.m. to spin 80s Memphis soul and funk for the next DJ Series dance party.

You can catch the stream on social media via I Love Memphis accounts on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Photo via Central Station.

This is the third of four parties in the Memphis Music Hub DJ Series, which you can read more about here.

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  • Read more about DJ Alpha Whiskey's all-ladies soul set here. Re-broadcast coming soon.
  • I'll be back later with week with a Q&A from DJ Bizzle Blueband!

I recently talked Chad, who serves as the Music Curator at Central Station hotel, about his background in Memphis music and his plans for this weekend's DJ streaming set. Check out the quick Q&A below.

Photo provided by the artist.

80s Dance Party On Friday Night

Holly: What can Memphis music fans (possibly from around the world) expect during your set on Friday, May 1? What kind of music, etc?

Chad: Expect all Memphis 80s soul and funk. Most people won’t know these bands or artist. Shazam will be no help...these will be unique records from Memphis that never got their shine until now! So sit back and enjoy the unknown Memphis sound.

Holly: What can you tell us about the your 80s funk theme? What does that mean to you?

Chad: Funk and Soul are life! That’s it!

Get To Know DJ Memphi$ Jone$

Holly: Where are you from? How long have you lived in Memphis/how did you get here?

Chad: I was born in New Orleans. I was a Navy brat and ventured up and down the east coast every three to five years. Moving around a lot introduced me to music, skateboarding, and taught me to adapt to different situations than my previous stay. Moved to Munford in '92 and started throwing Hip-Hop parties and shows in Memphis around 96. I've been in Memphis since 1996.

Holly: How did you get started as an artist and as DJ?

Chad: I was heavily influenced by hip hop in the mid-eighties via skateboarding. Skaters were—and are always—ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion and music.

Holly: How has Memphis music inspired your artistic career?

Chad: Memphis music has inspired me in many ways. One way would be how Memphis music influenced hip hop from a sampling perspective. Stax and Hi Records alone are a main backbone in hip hop and have created many classic hits! 


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Holly: How has Memphis as a city inspired your artistic career?

Chad: Memphis has inspired me to be a proud Memphian and to showcase our city through my record collection. There are so many unknown classic artist that have records which not many people know or recognize. It is a positive thing to have Memphians and tourists interested in lesser-known Memphis artists!

Holly: Favorite Memphis music artists or genre and why?

Chad: One artist is way too hard for me to choose! A genre I have to pick is Memphis soul and funk from the 50s to present day. I am always finding new music from Memphis that is 60 years old or brand new music that dropped two weeks ago! Memphis has so much talent when it comes to our music scene.

Ed. Note: Chad Weekley and collaborator Daniel Mathis just released an album called "Stone Crush", which features unknown and ultra obscure Memphis soul from the 80s. The complication took more than twelve years to finish and release, and has received attention from Rolling Stone, Variety, the Commercial Appeal, and others. You can download it here.


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Memphis Music Hotel: Central Station

Holly: What’s your “day job” at Central Station?

Chad: My official title is Music Curator. Before Covid-19, we had eight local Memphis DJs that played their own unique Memphis sound seven days a week at the Eight and Sand bar in Central Station Hotel. I would book guest DJ’s from out of town every other month or so. I organize events with local artists and DJs to utilize our beautiful bar and hotel to help our local artists.

Holly: What makes Central Station a unique hotel?

Central Station has so many unique qualities. One, how awesome the employees are and how we are a team and have a great time working together. Two, another unique quality is that the hotel is based on Memphis music past, present, and future. Third is the fact that Central Station is a functioning train station with Amtrak running to New Orleans and Chicago daily.

Holly: What’s the philosophy behind the programming you produce there?

Chad: Every room is equipped with an Eggleston Works speaker and you can hear Memphis playlist curated by myself or Eggleston Works. The bar, Eight and Sand, is a great bar where you can listen to Memphis music by one of our DJs and enjoy a fabulous cocktail.

We have over 4,000 records. Last but not least, the Listening Lounge quietly tucked behind Eight and Sand. It is a small, cozy, and comfy listening room equipped with Eggleston Works speakers that sound oh so goood!

There are many other good things I am leaving out about Central Station Hotel, a very beautiful hotel with amazing artwork and furniture. You just have to come down and hang when things get back to normal.


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DJing In A Pandemic

Holly: During non-pandemic times, how can Memphian enjoy the DJ Memphi$ Jone$ experience?

Chad: You can always come to Central Station. I am usually here 5-6 days a week!

Holly: How have you been coping personally and professional during the pandemic?

Chad: One day at a time. We have never experienced something like this. Trying to keep my family safe and still have a good time. Slowly but surely we will push thru this and be better people all around!

Just For Fun: Meet Chad

1. Guilty pleasure? Eating Cozy Corner ribs!

2. Go-to outfit? Kickspins Memphis Soul t-shirts and matching Nike Air Max
3. How do you drink your coffee? No coffee, nada, zilch, zero!
4. Favorite song(s) right now? [Ed. Note: Chad gave us a mini playlist! I've linked for your listening pleasure.]
5. Go-to order at Eight & Sand after work? Knuck If You Buck for a cocktail, and the Birdie sandwich (see below) is the winner.

Follow DJ Memphis Jone$ / Listen Live

Memphis Music Hub DJ Series Feat. DJ Memphis Jone$
Friday, May 1 at 8:30 p.m.

Live on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Rebroadcast in 360 on Wednesday, May 6.

Follow Chad:

Instagram at @silkyvincent.

Central Station's music on Instagram at @elmertha_memphis.


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