365 Things to Do in Memphis #44: Experience The Smorgasbord of Soup Sunday

365 Things to Do in Memphis #44: Experience The Smorgasbord of Soup Sunday

Assignment #44 in the 365 Things to Do in Memphis is to fill up your bowl at Youth Villages' annual Soup Sunday fundraiser.

For more than 30 years, Memphis restaurants and catering companies have donated their time and ladles to feed the masses at Soup Sunday, usually held mid-February.

Soup Sunday 2021

The event is back for 2021 with family meal packages and dine-in options, rather than a big to-do at FedExForum. Go here to read all the details.

More About Soup Sunday

As far as big fundraising events go, it's one of the city's most affordable.  Tickets are around $20 for adults, $10 for kids, and free for kids ages 5 and under. There's a VIP "Souper Party" as well, which usually sells out in advance. Each year, more than 50 area restaurants line the main concourse at the FedExForum and dish out their signature soups. 

A few examples from past years: The Flying Saucer's beer cheese soup, Rizzo's cheeseburger soup, Mosa's hot and sour soup, plus dozens of gumbos, chilis, potato soups and desserts from local eateries.

Youth Villages Soup Sunday

How The Soup Eating Works

If you're planning to go, here are some tips:

  • Grab one (or two if you've got good balance) of the drink holders that volunteers are handing out at the entrance.
  • Spoons are on the tables. Stash one in your pocket.
  • Start with the third or fourth table going the right direction, or hit the tables in reverse to avoid the crowds. 
  • Go hungry. I know people who fast for a day before going to Soup Sunday. There is so.much.food. And there's also plenty of appetizers, salads, side dishes, and desserts; it's not just soup.

Go ahead and mark your calendar Soup Sunday (and buy your tickets early, especially if you want access to the VIP lounge).

Memphis Soup Sunday Youth Villages

Yes, there is more than soup at Soup Sunday. Plenty of other samples and desserts are included. Above is a sampling from a few years ago.

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Youth Villages Soup Sunday

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