National Hamburger Day! Here Are Four Memphis Area Burgers To Try

National Hamburger Day! Here Are Four Memphis Area Burgers To Try

Happy National Hamburger Day! In honor of this completely real and very important holiday, here are four Memphis and Mid-South burgers you might not have tried yet. Of course, you can read about all the classic Memphis burgers and favorite ones in this other post.

Bomba B at Sabor Caribe

Looking to switch things up? Go for Sabor Caribe's Venezuelan street food version of a hamburger, topped with everything but the kitchen sink. It's got American cheese, bacon, salami, avocado sauce, slaw, tomato, crispy potato sticks, and a fried egg, then the patty itself is topped with more meat: your choice of chicken, beef, or pork. I went for the pulled pork, and I was happy about it.

Sage Burger at Sage

I've been to Sage on Main Street (in the old Oshi location) several times for lunch, and I'm working my way through the menu. The Sage Burger is a flavorful solid choice, with Angus beef, avocado, and a fried egg. I got it with sweet potato fries and some of their brilliant Soul Eggrolls to start. They also offer an Impossible Burger, too, which is the latest craze in meat-free patties.

Gourmade Burger at Gourmade Food Truck

Michael recommends this burger from the Gourmade, a food truck you probably know from their insane mac 'n' cheese dishes. Get some of that cheesy pasta with this double patty, double cheese burger topped with arugula, sweet pickles, and hot pickles, and served on a locally baked brioche bun. It's like the gastropub burgers used to be in the good ole days.

Cheeseburger at Wing Guru

Wing Guru's speciality is obviously chicken wings, but please don't sleep on their burgers. This is in my top five burgers I've had in Memphis in the last two years, maybe even in the top three. The thick beef patty is the star, but you can choose your own toppings—I went for cheese, pickles, mayo, and arugula.

I also "splurged" on fried green tomato as a premium topping and I suggest you do, too. You can, of course, take the Wing Guru's burger to the next level by adding wing sauce. Let me know how it goes.


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What's your favorite burger in town - outside of the obvious spots? Let us know in the comments.

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