April Food News: 5 New Burger Restaurants To Open In Midtown

April Food News: 5 New Burger Restaurants To Open In Midtown

It's time for your April 1st Memphis Food Update!

I know y'all are hungry for more Memphis burgers, so I have some great news for you! I know what it's like to sit around wishing we had more great meat sandwiches in midtown. I know what it's like to crave a juicy hamburger - but instead have to choose from Mexican or Southern or Cajun or Thai or Japanese or Ethiopian or some other food. Bummer.

I've gotten so many comments from locals hoping for more burger restaurants that I'm extremely happy to say that multiple announcements have been made today about new burger restaurants in Midtown. Most of them plan to open by summer 2019, so...I'm expecting them at best before the end of the year.

Here's the list:

Online Burger Bois

First up is a unique concept that's going in a refurbished house in Cooper Young. Online Burger Bois is owned by local marketing guru, Chad Manchu, who wants to tie his passion for digital marketing to his love of "great grilled meats".

During the dining experience, patrons sit are encouraged to use their smart phones leave critical reviews about other local restaurants - or unhappy comments on local food blogs. "If someone doesn't think Online Burger Bois is the absolute number one best burger in Memphis, or if we get left off of ANY food list, our paying customers and friends will immediately take to website comment sections, Yelp, Twitter, and Facebook Reviews to let people know they're wrong," Chad explains. "It's a completely interactive way of dining." For every five online reviews you leave that trash other restaurants or tell local journalists they're wrong, he'll offer a free side of fries, which are sold separately ($5.99) from the hamburgers ($18.99).

Burgs N Que Russian Restaurant

A revolutionary concept will combine our city's love of hamburgers and barbecue with Russian food. To be built in a certain large vacant space in Overton Square, co-owners Lisa Borscht and Lindsey Stroganoff will serve four kinds of hamburgers, each topped with barbecue: brisket, pulled pork with white sauce, beef ribs, and grilled hot dogs. They'll also serve borscht and soft pretzels with ketchup. Hours will be Tuesdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday morning brunch, and every other weekend.

Swindle & Soup

A popular Nashville restauranteur will open a new concept in an empty parking lot in Midtown in late 2019. Swindle & Soup will serve burgers starting at $24 with gourmet ingredients like alpaca cheese, imported clam aioli, and banana mac-n-cheese. A 40,000 square foot patio will have multiple bars and offer drinks like PBR slushies. The location plans to also offer axe throwing, a dog park, live music, JELLO wrestling, mounted horse jousting, and is totally family-friendly.


One of the world's highest-paid actors plans to open a fast casual cheeseburger restaurant in East Memphis, sources revealed on April 1.  While I'm not allowed to say which actor plans to make his culinary mark in the Bluff City, I do have a quote from their publicist that says, "These burgers will face off against any other locally-made burger; the recipes are national treasures. Anyone who can eat theirs in 60 seconds will receive the burger for free." While there's plenty of local press about Cageburgers, there are no actual details on how this will become a reality.

Cal & Rick's

Word on the street is that Calipari is coming back to live in Memphis -- and he's got a plan for a hip new food truck. He plans to partner with University of Tennessee men's basketball coach Rick Barnes to open a mobile restaurant on wheels that sells Nashville Hot Chicken Burgers and Kansas City style barbecue. The two will also work with a popular local sno-cone stand to sell t-shirts.

Guys, if you made it this far and you're very confused…it's OK. None of this is real. It's a joke. Any resemblance to any real or fictional restaurants or people is totally coincidental. Happy April Fool's!

If you're looking for real Memphis burgers, check this out. 

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Bruce VanWyngarden
Nice. I would definitely eat a Cageburger.
April 1, 2019 1:59pm

You guys totally got me, and I am SO Glad none of those are for real, except maybe the Celebrity Cage burger that could have been cool! :)
April 12, 2019 11:31am