365 Things to Do in Memphis #253: Have a Drink at the Green Beetle

Historic Green Beetle bar building with red and green awning
Holly Whitfield

365 Things to Do in Memphis #253: Have a Drink at the Green Beetle

Assignment #253 in the 365 Things to Do in Memphis is to make your granddad proud and drink at the Green Beetle, which is the same place he probably drank back in the day.

The Oldest Tavern In Memphis

The South Main St. bar re-opened in 2012 after a long hiatus. If you’re worried that the downtime means tons of changes, don’t. All of the changes that have been made seem to be for the good. When I was there Tuesday night, the barn-like space was clean, Mongo for Mayor signs hung proudly on the walls, the beer case was stocked with dozens of imports and domestics and the air conditioner was going strong. Here's more on the Beetle from a visit right after it reopened.

sign shaped like a beetle stating "Green Beetle"
Holly Whitfield

The Green Beetle is open daily for lunch, dinner, and post-dinner drinks. Don't sleep on their daily lunch specials like the Catfish Friday, which is $11 for a plate of fried catfish filets and fries at time of this publication. 

The beloved Beetle Burger is $8.99 with fries on Tuesdays, and you can pick your own cheese and toppings. 

As far as that drink you have to have at the Green Beetle, the Beetle has plenty of beers and lots of local brewery's options on tap. Another fun fact is that the Beetle sells legit frozen Bushwackers, one of the few places in Memphis that sells this style of boozy milkshakes as far as I know.


Go There:

The Green Beetle
325 S. Main St. Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 525-3354 

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