Ultimate Memphis Food Mashup: Chinese Sub Shop + Pho Binh

Ultimate Memphis Food Mashup: Chinese Sub Shop + Pho Binh

The other day, I was tapping through my Instagram Stories when I saw something very curious and very wonderful: a Memphis food mashup I'd never even thought about, much less heard about before. A little background. This blog has covered - in detail - our collective civic love for two beloved Memphis restaurants: Chinese Sub Shop and Pho Binh.

You know Chinese Sub Shop for their heavenly bread (whether you get it soft or hard) on which they serve tasty subs - chicken, turkey, "lunchmeat", veggie - you name it. Don't forget the chips.

You know Pho Binh for their delicious Vietnamese takeout, where locals rave over the lemongrass tofu, pho, curry, and more—including plenty of plant-based options.

But do you know what happens when you combine these two magnificent eateries? Memphians Lauren Rae Holtermann and Matthew Leathers found out and, bless them, they posted it on the Internet. They were then kind enough to send me some photos of what they're calling the "Best Memphis Mashup Veg Sub Evar".

It's lemongrass seitan from Pho Binh added to a veggie sub from Sub Shop.

Here's what Matthew says: "For all of the good vegetarian food hiding in Memphis, there aren't many sandwich options. Most places throw a black bean burger on the menu and call it a day. The lemongrass seitan at Pho Binh is convincingly meat-like, and one day I realized it would perfectly complete the veggie sub at Chinese Sub Shop, which doesn't really have much of anything on it. It was 100 percent a good idea."

They wanted to add that they "firmly recommend" that you split this between three people, as it's not a light meal. Seitan is wheat gluten so that plus bread is apparently quite filling.

Matthew is a U of Memphis student, and he's in the local band, Pressed. Check out their FB page here. Lauren Rae is a local designer whose work you have definitely seen; she does the posters for the Time Warp Drive-In and much more, and also hosts the seasonal Monster Market. Give her a follow here.

I loved the idea of a Memphis food mashup and now I want - no, need - to hear about more of your creative ways you've combined our favorites. Let me know in the comments, then email me pictures and info at [email protected].

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Allie Trotter
This isn’t a mashup of two restaraunts per se..but when I go to the Slider Inn, I get the buffalo chicken sliders and add peanut butter. It’s like Thai Peanut Chicken in slider form.
May 10, 2018 3:46pm
holy sh*t
May 14, 2018 9:26pm
Holly Whitfield
Right? That's what I said.
May 15, 2018 1:36pm