Be The First To Try Old Dominick's Memphis Whiskey

Be The First To Try Old Dominick's Memphis Whiskey

Happy first birthday to Old Dominick distillery downtown! While the whiskey needs a few more years of aging before it's perfectly ready for mass consumption, you do have a chance for an in-progress tasting this week.

Celebrate the distillery's first birthday and be among the first to try this Memphis whiskey. Here are the details:

  1. The One-Year Whiskey Tasting is Wednesday, May 23 from 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. You'll get a tour, a tasting, a t-shirt, and a shot glass. Tickets are just $30 and you can snag one here. Tours start at 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
  2. Alex Castle Whiskey Tasting + Pure Memphis concert is Thursday, May 24 starting at 6 p.m. If you really want to celebrate, this is the one you want. You'll get a guided tasting from the distiller herself (Alex), plus the shirt, shot glass, and tour, and a ticket to the Amy Black concert upstairs afterwards. Tickets are $100 for the whole evening and you can get yours here.

Right now, Old Dominick just has the two vodkas (unflavored and Honeybell) and a toddy (a flavored whiskey aged elsewhere) available around town and in their tasting room, so this is really the first chance for the public to see - ahem, taste - how the Memphis-aged spirit is coming along.

I had a chance to taste this one-year-old whiskey under Alex's guidance earlier this year, and it was a cool experience. When whiskey is first distilled, it's clear and has a very different flavor and aroma than it does after aging - they can tell you more about that process at the distillery.

using a pipette thing to extract the young spirits

Also, I'm not 100 percent sure what all they're doing to this newbie whiskey before they put it in your glass this week, but what I tried had some heat on it. It's like a very strong preview of the finished product. You can feel it going down, if you know what I mean. But even though the spirit has only been in the barrel for a year, you can absolutely already taste the flavors that have been infused, which makes me excited for the finished product.

Later this summer, they're adding this baby whiskey to the tour's tasting finale. Learn more about Old Dominick here.

cheers, y'all

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