365 Things to Do in Memphis #140: Take Your Picture with Elvis

365 Things to Do in Memphis #140: Take Your Picture with Elvis

Updated May 2018

Elvis Presley has been dead for years, but in Memphis, he's everywhere. Assignment #140 in the 365 Things to Do in Memphis is to take your picture with the King.

You've got a few options. The easiest (and most stationary) Elvis is the one on Beale St. between Second and Main.

Elvis Statue, Beale Street, Memphis, Tenn.

The nine-foot tall Elvis is stuck in a pose of perpetual rock, guitar in hand, lip curled.

If the statue isn't lifelike enough for you, you could always find a tribute artist. Our streets aren't lined with them or anything, but you've got a pretty good chance of finding one on Beale St. or during Elvis Week (especially the one in August).

Bishop of Beale St., Memphis, Tenn.

If a tribute artist and a statue are too real, the Arcade has a cardboard cutout of hot, young Elvis.

Cardboard Elvis, Arcade Restaurant, Memphis, Tenn.

Or, for a more exotic Elvis, you can always hunt down the Elvis-themed tiger that was painted in honor of the University of Memphis' centennial:

Elvis Tiger, Memphis, Tenn.

Have you had your picture taken with an Elvis? I'd love to see it - leave it in the comments.

Originally published May 19, 2012

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