365 Things to Do in Memphis #23: Watch the State of the City Address

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 17th 2018 4046 0

Mayor Jim Strickland gave his annual State of the City address for 2018 on January 17 at noon. Assignment #23 on the list of 365 Things to Do in Memphis is to watch the video or read about it.

That morning, Mayor Strickland posted this:

You can watch below or read the highlights here.

What do you hope this year will bring to the city? What positive thoughts do you have for Memphis? Let us know in the comments.

The original version of this post was published on January 23, 2012

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  1. Len Pipkin says:

    The issues addressed here were compelling reminders of the power each of
    us have to make the world a better place through our everyday thoughts,
    words and collective actions; indeed, if we are to survive, we must make a
    concerted effort to leave lighter ecological carbon footprints. The
    initiatives shone a light upon the varied paths we must follow as
    individuals and communities to make our city, state, region and nation a
    more sustainable and peaceful place for all living things. All humans seek
    to survive, to live healthily and to live meaningfully. This still does
    not add up to a sustainable life, however. A sustainable life involves
    more: a realization, for example, that humans are not the only living
    creatures on the planet and must respect all life. And it involves the
    shouldering of responsibilities in a range of different roles via innate
    interests and urges. By bearing accountability for the social, economic
    and ecological consequences of our actions, both now and later, we will
    bring sustainable development closer. *** Side-note. I am still attempting
    to wrangle a final answer from representatives, in Nashville, over some
    abandoned rooftops in south-downtown; primarily the Lamar/Kentucky St
    area; across from the Metal Museum: purposes – Urban beekeeping, green
    roofs, water barreling; further walk-able urbanism, south Main aesthetics,
    etc.*** If I catch a break fairly soon, I can use data collected to see
    our city’s analytics / based upon the ‘Memphis Manifesto’ signed here in
    2003 (one of the acts which truly started the green-boom last decade;
    factoring-in an area’s governing body, its school system, the business
    climate and stakeholder participation ~~ and report back on our very own
    victories, to include ledgers where we could improve greatly. Please do
    not allow atrophy to set in; seeing an agenda in the aggregate can at
    times be thoroughly overwhelming… address whatever civic issue speaks to you. In doing so you will avoid allowing atrophy to pervasively settle in. Conversely, you will become actively engaged in our town’s evolution; both nurturing and honing individual creativity while exemplifying Memphis’ aggregate uniqueness.

    Link to Manifesto:



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