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Posted by Holly Whitfield | November 3rd 2017 3271 0

This December, the folks from the Brass Door are doing something big to support soccer in Memphis, and I’m all for it. Introducing…the Brass Door Christmas Cup.

The Brass Door Christmas Cup is a two-day soccer tournament on December 16 and 17, 2017. The Cup itself is a coed tourney is for anyone 18 and up, and it’s also a fundraiser that benefits the new youth Midtown Soccer Academy. Organizers are accepting team applications right now, so head right here to sign up and save your team’s place.

The tournament is a 7 v. 7 format and accepts anybody ages 18+. They’re limiting the event to 16 teams. It’s $150 per team plus fees, which is less than $25 per person if you only have seven players; I figure most teams will have more people than than for substitution purposes so it’ll be even less per person. The point is, it’s an affordable way to give back to a good cause and have fun playin’ the sports.

It will be held on field C10 near Tiger Lane, at the corner of Central and Early Maxwell across from Christian Brothers University. To get all game rules, check out the Brass Door Christmas Cup Facebook page.

Midtown Soccer Academy

Midtown Soccer Academy, headed up by veteran soccer coach and Brass Door owner Seamus Loftus, aims to grow youth soccer in Memphis by making training and camps affordable for any kid who wants to play. The first camp will be just a few days after the fundraiser tournament.

So, sign up and purchase team spots for the inaugural Brass Door Christmas Cup on the tournament’s Eventbrite page, then RSVP on the Facebook event. I’ll be there that weekend cheering y’all on.

Go There: 

Brass Door Christmas Cup
Field C10 at Tiger Lane
December 16 – 17, 2017

$150 per team
free to watch

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