Downtown Memphis Sushi Option: South Main Sushi and Grill

Downtown Memphis Sushi Option: South Main Sushi and Grill

The heart of South Main has sushi and Asian cuisine option in the form of South Main Sushi and Grill, which opened in 2015, and reopened under new ownership in April of 2018.

South Main Sushi Matcha Green Tea

South Main Sushi & Grill is located across the street from Bluff City Coffee (before it was this, it was Grawmeyer's). I stopped by for a huge lunch with a friend a few days ago, and then I later went back for dinner. Here are my thoughts, plus photos from the lunch trip.

The interior isn't incredibly different from Grawmeyer's, but there are some "Asian-inspired" touches, namely, kimonos and a couple of swords mounted on the walls.

South Main Sushi INterior

We ordered green matcha tea and spicy tuna tartar to begin. South Main Sushi also has a full bar, including a two hot sake options and several cold sake options. I recommend the Sho Chiku Bai Nigori, which I had at dinner; it was served over ice in a neat-looking carafe.

South Main Sushi Tartare

This looks like the spicy tuna tartar is on top of tater tots, but it's actually seasoned white rice that's been fried in a little cake.

There are $10-$15 lunch specials, including grilled steak, chicken, or seafood that comes with fried rice, and also lunchboxes where you can sample a little bit of everything - I've normally seen them called Bento boxes. I have a feeling these might catch on with the downtown lunch crowd, and I'm looking forward to trying one. But we were in a sushi mood and ordered four rolls.

South Main Sushi Rolls

In terms of sushi roll selection, they've mostly stuck with the basics: California, crunchy or spicy shrimp or tuna, soft shelled crab, fried rolls and/or rolls with cream cheese in them. The taste and flavors were solid. It's going to be hard for me to tear myself away from my go-to sushi spots when I suffer a serious craving, but if I'm in a pinch, this will be a great option.

South Main Sushi Boats South Main Sushi had a grand opening party and they put their sushi in boats. Not sure if this is just for special occasions... Photo via South Main Sushi on Facebook


South Main Sushi Soft Shell Crab Soft Shell Crab roll for the win.

When I went for dinner, I tried several appetizers, including the gyoza dumplings and soft shelled crab, as well as a couple nigiri - the octopus and roe. I recommend them all (tasty, fresh, and fun to order lots of small bites). In fact, it's more likely I'll head back to South Main Sushi & Grill for cold sake, apps, and nigiri than I will for the rolls.

South Main Sushi Exterior - via their Facebook South Main Sushi & Grill has a small patio. This photo is via their Facebook page.

There were essentially no vegetarian options - I saw just one vegetarian sushi roll and I suppose you could make some substitutions, but check their Yelp for several photos of the menu until they get a website

Have you been to South Main Sushi & Grill? What did you think?

Go there:

South Main Sushi & Grill
520 South Main Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

(901) 249-2194

Facebook Page

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Randy H.
We live in the neighborhood and tried it on Trolley Night. The place was packed so service was a bit slow. Waitress told us they were a second location to a Hernando, MS restaurant?? Atmosphere was fun especially because of Trolley Night crowd. We got 2 sushi rolls (Crunchy shrimp and Spicy Crawfish) and fried rice. Both were tasty and while like you, this might not be my "go-to" sushi craving fix, being within a block walking distance means we will definitely be back. Only Con... I had wine and their full glass pour was about half other restaurants but still at the $7-9 per glass range.
November 17, 2015 3:54pm
Lauren Phelps
I've always wanted to have sushi on a boat!! I enjoyed lunch there a few weeks ago :)
December 8, 2015 10:50pm
Matt Riddle
Thanx 2ur blog suggestion I was wondering downtown for a hankering for something unique and popped in for lunch! Friendly staff, amazing lunh options, and it is very chill. Blues playing in the back while eating sushi is a new thing 2me, and I LOVED it! Thanx again and for always sharing ur adventures ;) I recommend u on the reg! happiNeeYear gurl!
January 12, 2016 6:14pm