Creepy Beautiful: Elmwood Cemetery Guest Photo Post

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 31st 2015 11035 0

Ed. Note: Just in time for Halloween, here are some shots from Elmwood Cemetery from local photographer Adarryll Jackson.



DSC_1126A  DSC_1079B







Learn more about Elmwood Cemetery here and here. Happy Halloween!

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Adarryll is a native Memphian who has been interested in photography since 2008. Here’s my quick Q&A with him:

Holly: How did you get into photography?
Adarryll: I started getting into photography in 2007, after a family vacation. I bought my first DSLR in 2008, and photography has been a passion ever since.

Holly: From your Instagram account, it seems like you spend your days exploring Memphis and finding beautiful and interesting things to photograph. What’s your process like?
Adarryll: I usually just decide where to go and go from there once I’m there. I try not to have any specific ideas in mind unless I’m doing long exposure night photography and want to include a popular place in the capture. I prefer to figure things out as I go, and I want to focus on moments. Being this way helps me to best capture the beauty I see and feel.

Holly: What do you most like to photograph?
Adarryll: I like to photograph whatever speaks to me, rather it’s someone’s smile or a beautiful sunset. Life is filled with beautiful moments, so I don’t want to limit myself on what to capture and share.

You can follow Adarryll on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Chris H. Hardy says:

    Hi Holly, what a superb post – Love the photos of Adarryll so much that I’d love to borrow a couple for my new book: could you send him my message below please! (and tell me if you’re able to do it).
    I love your website! Keep the good work! Chris (BTW your ‘I love’ icon doesn’t seem to work right)

    Hi Adarryll, Magnificent photos of Elmwood cemetary! (that I found on https://ilovememphisblog.com/2015/10/
    I’m an author and also a lover of ancient cultures (being a globetrotter and also a researcher on transe states and consciousness at large). Thumbs up for your diverse and astounding endeavors!
    Beyond expressing my praise for your photos, I’m calling on you with a request for using one or two of your photos. (I was browsing to that effect — looking for happy and/or interesting angels and house altars to the dead.)
    Tell me if you would grant me the right to reproduce them, while of course mentionning your name in the “Photo credit.” Tell me if you’re ok with the idea. I’m Chris H. Hardy (French but publishing also in the USA)— and my new book, called “Behold the Living Souls,” is on communication with the soul dimension and the spirits of the dead (in the editing phase, hence the rush) to be published by Inner Traditions, USA.
    I’d be immensely grateful if you allowed me to use your photos freely, because, despite being well published, I’m still that poor as to be unable to pay for the use of any photo.
    Please try to write a clear sentence on my email, so that I may use it as a formal authorization, such as:
    “I, Adarryll Jackson, author of the photos posted on the blog: https://ilovememphisblog.com/2015/10/ )
    authorize Chris H. Hardy to use a couple of them for her book “Behold the Living Souls.”
    My empathic wishes for your endeavors, And let’s keep in touch,
    chrishh17@yahoo.com http://www.facebook.com/ChrisHHardy.PhD/
    The caption will run like this:
    CAP/The Soul of the companion welcoming the dead in the afterlife- Elmwood Cemetary (Memphis) (photo credit: Adarryll Jackson)
    (fotr DSC_1098A-1024×683)

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