Bragging Rights: 17 Reasons To Be Proud of Memphis

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It’s time for another roundup of national accolades, reasons to be proud of Memphis, and other good news. Does Memphis need outside approval? Not really. But is it nice or otherwise just fun to get a little attention? I think so.

Mud Island Bridge

View of the bridge from Mud Island River Park

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  1. Men’s Journal named Memphis brewing company Wiseacre’s Tiny Bomb one of the top 100 beers in the world.
  1. Travel + Leisure included Memphis on a list of five family-places to visit in the South.
  1. Men’s Journal featured an honest but endearing piece about a “Long, Funky Weekend In Memphis”.
  1. Chicago Parent published an article about Memphis as a great kid-friendly vacation, complete with a three day itinerary.
Photo provided by Jimmy Ogle.

Photo provided by Jimmy Ogle.

  1. After 20 years of a sad and empty Hardee’s-less existence, Memphis finally got a Hardee’s in late September (at Summer and Stratford). It promptly set a national record for opening week sales. I’m not really sure if this is something to brag about, but at least they have a cool I Love Memphis Mural recreation on the wall.
  1. ESPN voted the Memphis Grizzlies the second-best franchise in all of pro sports. Our strengths? The arena’s proximity to Beale Street, one of the least expensive tickets in the NBA, and great players.
  1. Thrillist named Memphis the “King of Barbecue Cities” because there’s no better place to “explore multiple varieties of barbecue — from pure traditional to modern renditions”.
  1. In their annual poll, NBA general managers voted Marc Gasol the Best Center, Best International Player, and Best Interior Defensive Player. Mike Conley was voted the fourth best Point Guard. Tony Allen was voted the Toughest Player in the NBA (ZBo tied for number three).

  1. The Zambezi River exhibit at the Memphis Zoo is well under construction, with plans to open in the spring of 2016. No more sad hippo exhibit! See the video above.
  1. According to the Tennessee Department of Health, teen birth and pregnancy rates in Shelby County hit a record low, decreasing 45 percent from 2007 to 2014. The change is credited in part to educational programs and contraceptive options provided by organizations like Le Bonheur, Planned Parenthood, A Step Ahead Foundation, and others.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.42.51 AM

  1. After their defeat of Ole Miss last weekend, the Memphis Tigers football team is 6-0 this season and a 13-0 winning streak from last season. As of this week, they’re ranked No. 17 in the Coaches’ Poll and No. 18 in the AP Poll.
  1. Christian Brothers University’s Latino Student Success Program was formally recognized by President Obama during an event in Washington, D.C. on October 15. The program works to make higher education for affordable and accessible to Latino students.
  1. Gayot named Greencork Wine Bar in Cooper Young in the top ten wine bars in the United States. Read more about Greencork here and here.


  1. Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation presented the City of Memphis with an $80,000 grant for clean energy improvements and education at Licherman Nature Center.
  1. All 17 of the TEDxMemphis talks from the speaking event in August are now available to watch on YouTube. My top picks? Dr. Sarah Petschonek (no. 2), Marco Pave (no. 3), Ephie Ballard-Johnson (no. 10), and Katie Smythe (no. 17).
  1. Back in August, travel writer John Mariani gave Memphis some serious love in the Huffington Post after his visit here. Check out his articles, “Memphis Gets Its Groove Back”, “Memphis Food Scene Is A Lot More Than BBQ”, and “Memphis Unmatched for American Music History”.

  1. Justin Timberlake poured out his heart and showing his love for this city during his Memphis Music Hall of Fame induction speech on October (the full half-hour speech is above). Oh yeah, and Jimmy Fallon was there. And Keith Richards. And Carla Thomas. And…you get it.

Bonus! ICYMI, here’s another article from Thrillist about why Memphis is the best. (Full disclosure: said article was written by yours truly.)

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  1. veena says:

    this makes me so homesick! can’t wait to love on memphis over the holidays.

  2. Karen Casey says:

    This is a very good list! As a midtown resident, I anticipate the upcoming Zambezi River exhibit with mixed feelings. Please, people, don’t allow zoo employees to direct you to park on the greensward. http://memphiszooparking.com

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