MEMFix: The Pinch District Recap!

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Ed. Note: I'm happy to share with you this guest post from I Love Memphis intern Savannah Lyons. Also I'd like to give a huge thank you to Sean Davis, local photographer who covered the MEMFix event on assignment. You can check out his blog here. All photos are by him unless otherwise noted.

Happy Monday, Memphis! This past weekend, the city flourished with events all across the city. From Crawfish Festival to Brewery Revival, there was something for everyone.

MEMFix Pinch-20

Here’s what went on at the MEMFix event in the Pinch District:

In the shadow of the Pyramid, pop-up shops, food trucks, and live music burst from North Main Street. The goal of this MEMFix was to reenergize and re-imagine the Pinch District as Memphis approaches the opening of the Bass Pro Shop this spring. People from all over the community came together for a day of fun, food, and entertainment. 

the pyramid
Photo by Savannah Lyons.

Westy’s was filled with happy eaters and live music played from their North Gate patio. Vintage boutique shops, Grizzlies stations, and eclectic art booths lined the street. And Pancho’s was serving free chips and cheese dip. Yum.

MEMFix Pinch-15

One of the highlights of the event for me was Sweet Potato Baby. Not only did they have a delicious selection of baked goods (I got the Oreo cupcake; it was heavenly), they also had a spotlight on something called ioby. It’s basically like GoFundMe, except it’s focused on specific communities. To check out some of the current projects going on in Memphis neighborhoods, go here

Here are some more photos from the event by Sean Davis. What was your favorite thing about last weekend's MEMFix event?

MEMFix Pinch-21  MEMFix Pinch-19 MEMFix Pinch-18 MEMFix Pinch-17 MEMFix Pinch-16
Ed. Note: ^^ This is Murray, Sean's dog. He is too cute for comfort. See more Murray and Memphis on Sean's instagram.

 MEMFix Pinch-22 MEMFix Pinch-9 MEMFix Pinch-7 MEMFix Pinch-6 MEMFix Pinch-5 MEMFix Pinch-4 MEMFix Pinch-3 MEMFix Pinch-2 MEMFix Pinch-1 MEMFix Pinch-14 MEMFix Pinch-10 MEMFix Pinch-11 MEMFix Pinch-12 MEMFix Pinch-13


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