Five Minute Food Review: Bibimbap Burger from Kwik Chek

Five Minute Food Review: Bibimbap Burger from Kwik Chek

After all the buzz the bibimbap burger at Kwik Chek received a few months ago, I had to try it for myself.


Bibimbap is usually veggies (cucumbers, carrots, bean sprouts), meat, and a sunny side up egg doused in spicy red Korean sauce served over rice. For the burger, Kwik Check serves those exact same things, just on a beef patty with cheese and a bun. Yes, please.

It's got a little crunch, a little kick, and a lot of flavor. The burger itself wasn't overwhelmingly huge, but it was plenty big and plenty messy to eat. I will order this again.

If you haven't been to Kwik Check on Madison, I recommend you make yourself an appointment ASAP. In true Memphis fashion, it's a semi-sketchy looking place with amazing, affordable Korean and Mediterranean food. Read more about Kwik Chek here.

Go there:

Kwik Chek
2013 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 8104

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Lauren Phelps
The egg makes it look delicious! I've never been to the Kwik Chek. Guess I'll need to check it out!
October 22, 2014 4:41pm