August 2014 I Love Memphis Podcast: Muddy’s Bake Shop Owner Kat Gordon

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 4th 2014 2432 0

On this month's I Love Memphis Podcast, my cohost Kevin Cerrito and I sit down with founder and owner of Muddy's Bake Shop, Kat Gordon. During the interview, she makes a big announcement about the name of the new Muddy's midtown location. (Hint: Grizz fans will love this one.)

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We discuss how Kat's "college insomnia baking" turned into the nationally-known, local institution that is Muddy's Bake Shop, what the journey has been like for her and her staff, and all the details of the new location.


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We couldn't do this alone. Here are some lovely folks we'd like to thank. 

– Johnny Hardin aka Johnny Radio aka Johnny Podcast, Production Director at WUMR U92 FM for production, editing, and in-studio entertainment
– Malvin Massey, General Manager at WUMR U92 FM at The University of Memphis for use of facilities 
– Rick Trotter, announcer for the Memphis Grizzlies, for generously offering his amazing voice work
– Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau (my employer) for supporting the I Love Memphis blog and podcast
– Kat Gordon, for leaving the kitchen for a few minutes to talk with us and bringing us a pile of delicious cupcakes and cookies.
– Hope Clayburn, for making soulful funky tunes like "Love is on the Way", which we sample on the podcast
The Orpheum Theatre, for providing Summer Movie Series tickets for the "cast and crew" of the I Love Memphis podcast. You can see the schedule of the movies here…they go until Sept. 5.

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  1. Heather C says:

    Great podcast. I love hearing about the history of Muddy's. Just FYI, it is totally legal to sell baked goods made at home! It was legal when the founder of Muddy's did it, although state inspections were required. It is now legal without inspections: I would hate for people to think they can't start a small baked goods business because they can't afford a commercial kitchen. 

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