2014 I Love Memphis (in May) Podcast: A Tale of Two Hollys

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 1st 2014 1970 0

On this month's I Love Memphis Podcast, my co-host Kevin Cerrito and I sit down with Memphis in May's new Director of Marketing, Holly Ford, to hear all about our city's monthlong festival. We talk about everything from how we pick which country to honor, to the wildest barbecue team names, to our own memories of crazy Memphis in Mays of the past. 

Kevin Cerrito, in a Holly sandwich. 

You can listen right here on the site, or download an mp3 to your device, or you can subscribe on iTunes here. You can access all of the podcast episodes at ilovememphispodcast.com.

Highlights from I Love Memphis Podcast #3, May 2014:

– Kevin and I discuss two things we're loving in Memphis right now: the national attention given to the "Muraltown is Memphis" concept and the unique beauty of Mississippi River. 

– Holly Ford, the new Director of Marketing for Memphis in May, goes through each of the four main events: Beale Street Music Fest, World Championship Barbecue Fest, International Week, and Sunset Symphony, answering our questions about each. We talk about our favorite barbecue team names and reminisce about ice liquor luges. She gives advice for folks attending for the first time, and talks about her own expereinces going to MIM as a kid, an adult, and what she expects for this year. 

– Kevin and I talk about the things you should do in May besides Memphis in May, including ideas for kids, grownups, and zombies. Must do for this month? Kevin's Memphis-themed trivia on May 21 and 22.

– Kevin and I announce an I Love Memphis Podcast BONUS clip from my segment on his MemphiSport Live Saturday radio show, which you can listen to right here.

– We share some of your answers from last month's question – "What should go in the vacant Peabody Place shopping center downtown?" and ask this month's question – "What musician or band do you wish would come to Memphis that hasn't been here in a while?"

Listen to see what mine and Kevin's pick is, and then email or Tweet us with the answer. You can tweet at me or Kevinbut be sure to use #ILMPodcast to give us an answer, ideas, or feedback.

We couldn't do this alone. Here are some lovely folks we'd like to thank. 

– Johnny Hardin aka Johnny Radio aka Johnny Podcast, Production Director at WUMR U92 FM for production, editing, and in-studio entertainment
– Malvin Massey, General Manager at WUMR U92 FM at The University of Memphis for use of facilities 
– Rick Trotter, announcer for the Memphis Grizzlies, for generously offering his amazing voice work
– Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau (my employer) for supporting the I Love Memphis blog and podcast
Holly Ford for taking time out of her crazy busy schedule to come and chat with us
– Hope Clayburn, for making soulful funky tunes like "Love is on the Way", which we sample on the podcast

Tell us what you think! 

– HW + KC

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