Five Reasons To Go To The 2013 Indie Memphis Film Festival

Five Reasons To Go To The 2013 Indie Memphis Film Festival

The 16th Indie Memphis Film Festival is going on this weekend, and there are still tickets available. I got together with Executive Director of Indie Memphis, Erik Jambor, to talk about this uniquely Memphis event and why folks should venture out to the Festival.

Here are five reasons we came up with why you should go to the 2013 Indie Memphis Film Festival (besides the obvious-to see carefully curated great films!)

1. Get the Tripper Pass for $50: all the films, all four days. There are several ticket options, but the Tripper Pass is a good way to experience the Festival. With it, you also get membership to Indie Memphis that gives you access and discounts to other cool film stuff throughout the year. More info on tickets here. Note: definitely visit that link to learn the details of film seating; it's first-come, first serve.

2. Erik says: “It’s like Sundance or Toronto in that some of the same filmmakers are here, but different in that they're relaxed and more accessible because they’re not trying to sell the movies to studios and distributors.” The films that will have Q&As with the directors and/or actors are noted by an asterisk on the schedule here.

3. Erik says: “If you wish that we were just a documentary fest or just a local film fest or just a super indie fest or just a high profile film fest, well, you can spend the whole weekend seeing mostly only those types of movies. To a large degree, you have enough choices that you can do that.”

4. There are always several Memphis filmmakers’ works at Indie Memphis, so it's a great way to see locally made films, including this years's "Orange Mound, Tennessee: America's Community", directed by Emmanual Amido, and "Songs in the Key of Death", directed by Eward Valibus, among others.

5. Erik says: “If you haven’t been to Indie Memphis in a while, you should check it out because it’s grown so much in the last few years. The venues are close together, and you can enjoy all the new places to eat and hang out in Overton Square." Note: the pakring garage is now open, it's free before 6 p.m. and only $3 after that.

There are a several other related events: on Friday night, Indie Memphis will be showing "Young Frankenstein", an episode of the new TV show "Sleepy Hollow", and "Edward Scissorhands" outdoors in Overton Sqaure. More info here. There will also be movie posters on display at Playhouse for a design contest.

There’s a lot more information on the Indie Memphis site that you should take a look at before you go.

Go there:

2013 Indie Memphis Film Festival
Thursday, October 31 through Sunday, November 2
Showtimes and schedule here.
Playhouse on the Square / Studio on the Square / Circuit Playhouse

Tickets are $50 for a four-day pass, but there are other options, which you can find out about and buy here.

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Cool!!!  I'm going! 
October 28, 2013 5:11pm