Favorite Place: Williamson Park

Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 11th 2013 8145 0

I live pretty close to Overton Park.

Overton Park is great. It's huge, there's a ton of stuff there (trails, a playground, Levitt Shell, etc.), and it's about a 20 minute walk from my house. It's great, but it's not my favorite neighborhood park.

Williamson Park

That honor goes to Williamson Park, a small-ish city park that's well hidden between Poplar and Overton Park (the street, not the place). It doesn't have much in the way of features – just a playground, some benches and a long, flat field – but what it lacks in action, it makes up for in charm. It's a quiet. There's hardly ever anyone there, which means that there's plenty of space for playing games, hanging out with your dog, etc. There are no drum circles (at least not that I've come across).


It's a neighborhood secret in the same way that the Target on Colonial is a secret: you either know that it's there or you don't, and once you do, you don't look back.

Where's your favorite park?

Go there:

Williamson Park

Evergreen Historic District
Between Overton Park and Poplar, bordered to the west by Williamson.

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  1. sarah says:

    Good choice. My mom used to take me to this park when I was little. Probably for the same reasons you go today. I remember liking the jungle gym.

  2. Sonny says:

    It's funny the things people think are "secret" in this city.

  3. Graba Holt says:

    I really enjoyed the article and will look out for the park, despite what I hope was a "tongue and cheek" reference to Target. If the Target of Colonial is a "secret", so is the existence of toilet paper with aloe. I live right down the street, and the place is a beehive of women looking like they just finished working out, men that look like they played the 40 watt in Athens in 1992, and inconsiderate Bible thumpers, ready to run you over without a seconds notice. I loathe that place. 

  4. Howard says:

    When I coached a 3rd/4th grade football team we occassionally practiced at Williamson when our regular practice field was occupied.  Nice place, but that ground is HARD.

  5. BJ says:

    That Target is one of — If not THE — original Targets in Memphis.Unless you're new to town, or 12 years old, it's not exactly a secret.

  6. read says:

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