Wednesday News Update: Delta, The Boss, Live Music and a Great Idea

Posted by Holly Whitfield | June 5th 2013 3107 0

Happy Wednesday!

Today in Memphis, Delta de-hubs Memphis International, it's a great night to see live music, and a Memphis Tumblr-er has a great idea for Broad Ave. Also, I found a video of middle school band hilarity guaranteed to make your morning better.

First, though, I've been trying to figure out how to get a good picture of the mural in progress on the railroad underpass on McLean (between Central and Young) for weeks to no avail. Luckily, Instagrammer @tamcam24 figured it out: take it from above.

Photo by @tamcam24 via Instagram

If you'd like to see your Memphis Instagram photos featured here, I'd love to post them. All you have to do is tag them #ilovememphis.

– This has absolutely nothing to do with Memphis, but this hilarious video of a middle schooler's epic recovery from school band embarassment made my morning 100 times better. Enjoy!

– Delta Airlines announced yesterday that it's planning to de-hub Memphis International, permanently cancelling about 30 flights and cutting 230 jobs. Here's hoping that this makes room for another airline (ahem, Southwest) to step up and offer Memphians more (and more affordable) flight options.

– If you're into live music, tonight's a great night to be in Memphis: there are shows by the City Champs, Gogol Bordello and Bad Veins tonight.

– Agreed: a bicycle fashion show on Broad Ave. would be really fun. Anyone want to help make this happen?

– The St. Jude half-marathon is sold out, but you can still sign up to run as a St. Jude Hero. There are still spots available for the full marathon.

Malco Paradiso is showing a documentary about "The Boss" later this month, by which they mean Springsteen, not Crump. 

– Were you the cute girl who's mom was attacked by a zombie cheerleader on South Main last Friday night? If so, there's a guy who wants to get a drink with you "while civilization still exists".

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  1. Dan Spector says:

    There are materials you can paint on a mural (or on any wall) that make it near-impossible for further graffiti to stick.

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