Eat this: Gibson’s Watermelon Donut

Posted by Holly Whitfield | June 13th 2013 2164 0

Summer has come to Gibson’s: they’re selling donuts with bright pink watermelon flavored icing.

The watermelon donut doesn’t seem like a thing that should work. There’s something kind of strange about combining the sweet, yeasty goodness of a donut with a watermelon’s sweet, light, watery taste. At the same though, I am a big fan of both donuts and watermelons.

So I bought one. I was so curious/excited about it that I ate it while sitting in my parked car in the Gibson’s parking lot.


It was strange, but in a pleasant way. The icing has a little bit of sourness to it, which surprised me. It was the kind of sourness that I could only really taste on the first bite, and I spent all of the subsequent bites trying to recreate it so I could figure out what it was.

The verdict? The watermelon donut isn’t a terrible idea, but it does force you to choose sides. It’s the sort of flavor combination that you’re either going to be super excited about or kind of grossed out by.

I fall into the first camp. I should have bought two.

Go there:

Gibson’s Donuts

760 Mount Moriah Road
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 682-8200

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  1. Anna-Marie says:

    It could have been even more extreme if you think about it with the addition of green food coloring for the base and chocolate chips to act as "seeds".  


  2. Ms. Crawford,

    I left my hometown (Alamosa, CO) on July 1 heading for the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, where I was one of 5,000 volunteers for 40,000 Scouts. I made my way to Gibson's Dounuts on July 5, which closed at noon that day, so I barely made it. The choices were picked over, but it didn't matter, they were all delicious. They were out of your recommended watermelon, so I enjoyed a lemon among others. Thanks for the tip. Your blog makes me look forward to a return trip to Memphis. 

  3. Keith W. says:

    This month's dooughnut is powder sugared key lime pie.  Haven't made a stop for one yet, but it is on my list.

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