Monday News Update: Bad Jokes, Kid President at the White House, The Grizz, and a Wolf with a Violin

Posted by Holly Whitfield | April 1st 2013 1601 0

Happy April Fools Day, y'all. I could tell you that the site is turning into "I Hate Memphis", or that I'm only going to cover city council meetings or something, but that would be lame, and I'm not going to do that to you.

Instead, I'll give you the usual Monday round-up of some Memphis news stories that may be relevant to your interests.

But first, here's a sweet photo of a pink flamingo, snapped by Memphis Instagrammer @mphelps311.

Photo by @mphelps311

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– For those of you who'd like to see some good web-based April foolery, Buzzfeed has this collection of every April Fool's joke on the internet.

– You know who's having a great day? Kid President. He's at the White House, hanging with the real president this morning.   (His sister April posted that photo to Facebook.)

– Congrats to Memphians Justin Timberlake and Dr. James Downing (of St. Jude): they both made the list of nominees for the Time 100.

– Speaking of Justin Timberlake, there's a rumor that he might be hosting the Oscars. Note that this comes from the National Enquirer.

– You guys. There's a Jerry Lawler Museum. And, in true Memphis wrestling style, it's at a car dealership.

– Have you ever wondered what visiting fans think of Grizzlies' games? This OKC Thunder fan has some very nice things to say about us.

– Speaking of the Grizz, Grantland has a Q&A with Coach Lionel Hollins.

– I'm not entirely sure I understand this, but it's kind of cool: check out these photos from Wolf With Violin's visit to Sun Studio.

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