What’s Your Space Jam? A Q&A with Kid President

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 13th 2013 3815 0

Before you read any further, I need you to watch this short, inspirational video.

That's Kid President, and through his YouTube videos, he's managed to inspire millions (or at least make them smile at his dance moves). I watch his pep talk at least once a week, usually on Tuesdays, when the work starts piling up and I start worrying that I'll never get anything meaningful done. 

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 2.04.43 PM

It was only after I noticed that almost all of the videos have a song credits for Memphis-area bands that I realized that Kid President must live among us. And he does – kind of. The 9 year-old leader of the kid world's real name is Robby Novak, and he lives in Henderson, Tenn., where he makes videos with his brother-in-law Brad.

He was kind enough to take a few minutes from his busy schedule to answer a few questions from ILM readers about everything from his dance moves to Sequestration.

Hi, Kid President! How are you?
Pretty great! Just doing an interview.
How did you get so awesome?
Everyone is awesome. They just have to start living awesome.
Here’s a tough question for you: how do you feel about sequestration?
What is “sec-registrate”? Sounds smelly. Next question.
How has having osteogenesis imperfecta has affected your life?
It hurts sometimes, but I’m still happy. I’m not broken right now and I hope I don’t break. It’s good.
What will be your Space Jam? 

Hopefully there will be lots of them.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 2.05.00 PM
Who’s your hero? Who inspires you? 
I like Justin Bieber. Also my family and friends all over.
Do you fart?
I toot. Do you toot?

I do. I mean, doesn't everybody? Moving on. Where did you learn your awesome dance moves?
I just make them up. I’ve always been dancing.

Which one is your favorite?
My favorite is the pencil sharpener.
What advice would you give to someone who’s worried about their future? 
Worrying is for boring people. You should just keep going and smiling and going and it will all be good.
It’s Saturday. What are you doing?
Playing basketball or soccer, playing with my dog and eating.
What are the three words that describe you best?
Cool. Strong. Crazy.
Lastly, what’s the most important issue facing our nation today? Grown ups are boring and arguing. They need to work start working together to make the world happy. Kids and grown ups should team up and make the world dance.

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