Five Minute Food Review: After School Scooby Snack from Lunchbox Eats

Posted by Holly Whitfield | February 8th 2013 7671 0

The After School Scooby Snack from Lunchbox Eats proves that chicken strips and fries don’t have to be boring.


The Scooby Snack is sort of like a lighter, less ridiculous version of my all-time favorite Lunchbox Eats meal, the fried chicken and waffle sandwich. They take the same pencil-thin seasoned fried chicken strips that they use in the sandwich and toss them in a paper bag with handcut seasoned fries. It comes with ketchup and your choice of dipping sauce (I recommend the honey mustard). The little grease spots on the bag let you know it’s good.

It’s more of a full meal than a snack, but it’s the kind of full meal that won’t make you want to take a nap at your desk an hour later.

Eat it with: a side of the fresh vegetable slaw, which is a tangy, slightly sweet mixture of mustard and collard greens, bell peppers, cabbage and jicama. It’s the kind of slaw that’s worthy of topping a barbecue sandwich.

Chase it with: the lemonade of the day. Today, it was peach, which was delicious. Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, they’ll have pineapple or watermelon lemonade.

While you eat: play games. There are board games on the tables (and a stack by the front door). I’m proud to announce that stuffing my face in no way impaired my Scrabble skills.

Lunchbox Eats Peach Lemonade

Here’s another picture:

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Lunchbox Eats

288 South 4th St.
Memphis, TN 38103

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