Better Know a Memphian: Grizzlies Guard Tony Wroten

Posted by Holly Whitfield | November 12th 2012 2965 0

Meet Tony Wroten, your newest Memphis Grizzly.

The 19 year-old guard from Washington state came to Memphis this year as the NBA's 25th overall draft pick. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about his Memphis experience thus far, and, since he's a Memphis rookie, ask a few questions of his own.

Tony Wroten, used with permission by Jason Wallace, Memphis Grizzlies

ILM: Hi, Tony. How are you liking Memphis so far?
Tony Wroten: I love it a lot. It’s a lot different from Seattle and its much better weather.

ILM: How are you adjusting? Is there anything that Memphis doesn’t have that you miss?
TW: I am adjusting quite fine. It was tough at first coming across country only being 19. But with a lot of help from my family and teammates, I am adjusting real well.

ILM: Is there anything Memphis doesn’t have that you miss?
TW: My mom.

ILM: What’s surprised you the most about the city?
TW: How friendly the community is.

ILM: Memphians really love basketball. Have you had a chance to meet any Grizzlies fans yet? What do you think about our basketball community?
TW: I actually met a bunch of them at the Tip-Off Luncheon on October 29. I met a lot of them. They are great fans. It’s a great basketball community, one of the best communities I’ve been around.

ILM: What restaurants have you tried so far? Which ones have been your favorites?
TW: I tried Benihana. I never had that before in Seattle so I tried that in Memphis. That’s about it. I haven’t really been out a lot.

TW: What is the best restaurant?

ILM: We've got a ton of great restaurants, but Restaurant Iris has to be one of the very best. It's really nice without being insanely expensive and I'm pretty sure that Kelly English (the chef) can do no wrong.

TW: I haven’t really seen any Italian food. Where can I find some?

ILM: A ton of Memphians swear by Pete and Sam's, but that's mostly because they've been going there forever. Coletta's is pretty similar to Pete and Sam's – it's family owned, the food is good, and the inside of the restaurant hasn't changed since the mid-1950s. For fancy Italian, try Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen (especially on No Menu Monday) or Bari, which focuses on food from a very specific region of Italy.

TW: I love to play video games, where can I find an arcade?

ILM: There's one at Golf and Games on Summer Ave. that's pretty big. Also, Incredible Pizza has a huge arcade (and indoor bumper cars).

TW: Who is the best cook in town? I’d love to have someone over to my house to cook a meal.

ILM: I already mentioned Kelly English from Iris, but Memphis has a ton of great chefs. If I could have anyone cook at my house, I would be completely happy with any of the following: Karen Carrier (Beauty Shop), Felicia Suzanne Willett (Felicia Suzanne's), Jonathan Magallanes (Las Tortugas) or Ben Smith (Tsunami).

TW: Does Memphis have a theme park?

ILM: Alas, not anymore. We used to. It was called Liberty Land, and it was where the giant empty field by the Liberty Bowl is now. As far as theme parks go, it wasn't Six Flags, but it was pretty good for a local park.

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  1. Bo Garrison says:

    We need a  huge theme park/water park. I feel the city is missing out in this area.

  2. jazzy says:

    Well your young and I hope one or both of your parents are with you for a while.  Good luck youngster, I wish you well.

  3. vin says:

    It is all wroten.

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