Best News Ever: Hog and Hominy Now Serving Late-Night Ramen

Best News Ever: Hog and Hominy Now Serving Late-Night Ramen

Update, August 2016: Hog and Hominy serves late-night ramen noodle bowls from 10 p.m. until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.

I'm not sure if the soup will change weekly, but if all they do is serve what they served last night forever, I would be happy.

Ramen, Hog and Hominy, Memphis, Tenn.

Chef Andrew Ticer told me that the recipe is based on one that New York chef Tien Ho gave them when he was in town a few weeks ago, and described it as "the stuff we [the H&H crew] eat when we get off work."

Our server described it as "chicken four ways" - chicken broth, a poached chicken egg, chicken wings, and - if I remember correctly - something involving chicken feet (though I didn't see a whole one in my bowl). There was also a tangle of flat noodles, seaweed, vinegar-soaked (at least, I think they were vinegar soaked) shiitake mushrooms, carrots, pig ear crunchies, and some amazingly tasty duck sausage.

The best part? It's only $10.* (Price subject to change, call ahead for exact price.)

Go there:

Hog and Hominy

707 W Brookhaven Circle
Memphis, TN 38117

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Why you gotta make me jealous like that, girl?  Can you ship me some?  Please?  
November 30, 2012 11:06pm

Got exited about reading Ramen in the title but Weird that a 'Hog and Hominy' named restaurant makes a 'chicken' ramen! maybe they shouldn't call it ramen... Still looks delicious, 
December 3, 2012 2:58pm