Wednesday News Update: Today’s Special Edition

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 17th 2012 1258 0

Today in Memphis, we congratulate the Freedom Award winners, find out more about the plans for the Do Sushi space and mourn the loss of Memphis' only children's bookstore. Also, Steve Cohen rides things.

Today's Special, Otherlands, Memphis, Tenn.

Today's Otherlands special is a joke. I hope.

– First, the Do Sushi news. I talked to the bartender at Beauty Shop on Monday night, and he said that the restaurant formerly known as Do is going to be a New Orleans-style dive bar that serves tacos. Well, ok, then.

– In restaurant news that makes more sense, Cafe Eclectic is opening a third location on Highland, meaning that there's finally a coffee shop near U of M.

– Congratulations to the six Freedom Award winners (including Marlo Thomas) and the first 25 inductees into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame (including Otis Redding, Elvis and Three Six Mafia).

– If you've ever dreamed of seeing congressman Steve Cohen ride a farm implement, today's your lucky day.

– I'm a little late on this one, but I'm super bummed to report that Pinocchio's Books, Memphis' only speciality children's bookstore is closing.

If you've got a tip or something you'd like to see featured on I Love Memphis, let me know – I'm only one person, after all. If you've got an upcoming event (or know about a good one), submit it to the blog's calendar.

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  1. Erik says:

    I'm not entirely sure how a "New Orleans-style dive bar that serves tacos" would be any diffent than simply a regular dive bar serving tacos… That said, CY does seem to need someplace more divey in my opinion.  Hopefully it works out, because from that phrase it sounds more like its going to be dive bar themed than actually dive-esque

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