Four International Firsts for Memphis

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 18th 2012 1371 0

A lot of amazing things have happened in Memphis in 2012, but we're not keeping it all for ourselves. Here are four international firsts for Memphis that happened (or are going to happen) this year:

1. Million Dollar Quartet in Tokyo:  The Broadway musical about the one magical night when Elvis, Carl Parkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis had an impromtu jam session at Sun Studio played in Japan from Sept. 5 – 17th, 2012.

2.Elvis in Brazil: Graceland doesn't let Elvis artifacts out of the house very often, but when they do, they go big. In honor of the 35th anniversary of Elvis' death, Graceland has taken more than 500 artifacts (including his red MG and a gold-plated phone) overseas for the first time. The "Elvis Presley Experience" is on view at the Shopping Eldorado Mall in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 12 weeks (beginning Sept.

Elvis in Brazil

3. Memphis the Musical in London: The details are still in the works, but "Memphis the Musical" is scheduled to open in London next fall.

4. Gibson and Stax in Berilin: Germany got a heaping helping of Memphis' musical culture this year when Stax, Gibson and the Ernest Withers Museum teamed up to create a 5,000 square foot multi-media exhibit at Berlin's Gibson showroom. Eleven Stax Academy students were on hand to open the exhibit with live music.

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