Guest Post: New Zealand Is Great and All, but It's No Memphis

Guest Post: New Zealand Is Great and All, but It's No Memphis

Ed. note: As someone who's lived away from Memphis before, I can relate with just about everything in this guest post from Mary Thompson. She left Memphis for New Zealand last year, and there are a few things she wishes she could have brought with her.

I'm a Memphian currently living in New Zealand. It's lovely here but I’ve learned you never know what makes Memphis so special until you leave it.

Here are a few things in Memphis I’m missing while living in a foreign land:

1. Central Barbecue:  Everyone in Memphis has a favorite barbecue place and Central Barbecue is mine. Even if you don't eat it often, you miss it tremendously while living in a city with no barbecue options.

2. Muddy's Bake Shop: Despite trying cupcakes in every city I visit, Muddy's still manages to be my favorite. I miss their perfect cake-to-icing ratio cupcakes.

Muddy's Bakeshop, Memphis, Tenn.

3. Overton Park: Who doesn't love a public city park with a zoo, a museum, a college, an outdoor concert venue, a lake, two playgrounds, a golf course, a dog park, an old forest and plenty of open space?

4. Court Square:  When I was working in Downtown Memphis, I grew to love Court Square. It's a great place to eat lunch or just relax outside and sometimes, there are food trucks, visiting TV  shows, and fun summer lunchtime events.

Court Square, Memphis, Tenn.

5. Basketball: It’s impossible to not get caught up in the excitement when our teams are doing well. Memphis goes crazy and basketball bonds us all to each other in a special way that you miss once you leave. (Plus, I still don’t fully understand rugby or cricket.)


Mary TairuaMary Thompson currently lives in Auckland, NZ. She still works for a Memphis web design company and plans to move back to Memphis later this year.

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Eating as a Pa…
I only went to Memphis once -to visit Graceland! But, should I go again, I will definitely hit up some of these venues! Thanks, Mary!
September 14, 2012 4:11pm

We have also immigrated (from South Africa) to New Zealand, 8 years ago and are also based in Auckland. There are definitely things I miss from back home but NZ is a great place to live and on balance we definitely prefer it over here. I have put together information on everything NZ for anyone who is looking into immigrating to NZ, from the immigration process, cost-of-living, employment to education and healthcare. Have a look if you are interested – Would love to visit Memphis some day too!
January 26, 2013 10:22pm

Hey, we love New Zealanders... If you're into New Zealand music, punk/indie pioneers THE CLEAN are playing at the Hi Tone on Thursday, August 28. Doors at 8pm. Once in a lifetime show in Memphis! Also with Brazilians Boofarins and Memphis' Nots!
August 25, 2014 12:36pm