Friday News Update: Chinese Sub Shop Angst, Street Art, Distribution Day,and More

Friday News Update: Chinese Sub Shop Angst, Street Art, Distribution Day,and More

In the immortal words of R. Kelly, it's the freakin' weekend. At least, it will be when you get off work. Here's a little Memphis news update to hold you over until happy hour.

Wash World, Memphis, Tenn.

- Remember your first time doing that amazing thing in Memphis? Or, the first time you realized something? Or the first time you submitted a piece to I Love Memphis for our first theme month?

- Grab a sweater and your crossbow: tomorrow marks the official first day of fall. It's also the first day of deer archery season in Tennessee.

- If you've ever wondered what a iPhone release day looks like at the FedEx distribution center, BuzzFeed has the answer.

- Here's another place to find the elusive Memphis food trucks: Memphis Bioworks has set up food truck parking at their office (20 S. Dudley) and are working to have a different truck parked there each week day during lunch. Mark's Grill will be parked there on Monday from 11 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.

- In other food news, this post on Reddit about the possible-maybe-closure of the Chinese Sub Shop has caused a lot of angst. Personally, I'm refusing to believe it until I have proof (like a conversation with the owners or pictures of the building demolition). Edited to add: Uh oh. The headline in the Daily Helmsman is "Super Submarine is Toast."

- 901StreetArt is my new favorite blog devoted to Memphis street art.

As always, if you've got a tip or something you'd like to see featured on I Love Memphis, let me know. If you've got an upcoming event (or know about a good one), submit it to the blog's calendar.

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