Monday News Update: Mind Your Business, Dennis Edition

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 20th 2012 1150 0

Welcome to the working week, y'all. Today, we've got a big update on the Sears Crosstown building, tons of Thunderbirds and the perfect home for you (if you've got a spare seven figures). Here's your Monday news update: 


– First, the very big news: there are concrete plans for the long-empty Sears Crosstown building, and the names of the businesses that are planning to fill 600,000 square feet of the former warehouse are listed.

– Mind your business, Dennis. Just, mind your business.

– Take a look at the updates to the proposed plans for bike lanes that will connect Overton Park and Broad Ave.

– If you notice a lot more Thunderbirds on the streets this week, it's because the world's largest Thunderbird convention is in town through Saturday (and it's free to go gawk).

– In the market for a new house that fits your fancy, fancy lifestyle? Here's a list of the 10 most expensive homes in Memphis. Invite me over when you fill the pool with Dom as a thank you, ok?

– You can make Muddy's Dreamboat cake at home, but good luck getting your kitchen to look as cute as the Bakeshop.

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