365 Things to Do in Memphis #219: Enjoy the Sunflowers

365 Things to Do in Memphis #219: Enjoy the Sunflowers

Next time, you're driving down Walnut Grove or Germantown Rd., take a second to enjoy the flowers. You can even get out and smell them, if you want.

It's assignment #219 in the 365 Things to Do in Memphis.

sunflower field

Every year, the Agricenter plants big swaths of sunflowers along Germantown Rd. and Walnut Grove. Years ago they would put little signs that said "SUNFLOWERS ENJOY" out in front of them, but since Instagram legally requires us to take photos in sunflower fields, people flock to them on their own.

When the flowers are gone, the Agricenter crew plows down the stalks and seeds so that area animals can have a snack.

sunflower panaroma

If you're in need of a photo opportunity, the sunflower patches are a great place to take pictures. For the easiest access, I recommend the patch at Germantown Rd. and Walnut Bend; there's some parking, and you can walk right up to the flowers without much effort.

Want more sunflowers? There are also some just on the other side of Big River Crossing, in West Memphis.

Go there:

Sunflowers enjoy!, Planted along Walnut Grove Rd. and Germantown Rd.

Agricenter International

7777 Walnut Grove Rd # 9
Memphis, TN 38120
(901) 757-7777

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wow what an yellow flowers
August 9, 2012 12:52pm