Tell Us What You Want: Neighborland Launches in Memphis

Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 24th 2012 1809 0

In my neighborhood, there's this building. It's small and old, and over the years, has been patched up or boarded up with so many different materials that I can't tell what it was originally made of. It's a definite fixer-upper, if not a total lost cause. Someone has attached a giant wooden sculpture of a runny egg to it.

I wish it was a microbrewery and tap room.

They're allowed now, you know, and I would love to be able to hang out at one right around the corner from my house.

So, while I was out walking a few days ago, I stuck one of Candy Chang's removable vinyl stickers to it.

I Wish This Was sticker, Memphis, Tenn.

Candy Chang is an artist from New Orleans. She started the I Wish This Was project two years ago in an effort to encourage people to voice their opinions about the things that they need or want in their neighborhoods.

No sooner had I stucky my little red sticker to the hopefully-future-taproom than I got an email saying that Candy's other site, Neighborland, had launched in Memphis.

Neighborland is basically a web-based, mass communication version of the stickers that's focused in different cities. People post things that they would like to see in their neighborhoods and other, likeminded people can comment, discuss and brainstorm on ways to make them happen.

The Memphis Neighborland has only been up for a week, but lots of requests have already been made. Some of them are giant civic undertakings, some are silly and some are proof that it's the little things that matter. Here are a few of them:

To submit your own ideas to Neighborland (or to talk about someone else's ideas), go here. To get your own removable "I Wish This Was" stickers, go here.

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