Good Stores (Like Nest) Come in Tiny Buildings

Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 11th 2012 1767 0

If I've learned anything from years spent reading Cute Overload, it's that tiny things are almost guaranteed to be more adorable than their normal sized counterparts. My new favorite Memphis gift shop is no exception.

Nest, Germantown, Tenn.

Nest manages to cram a well-organized and thoughtful stock of housewares, gifts, baby items, jewelry and dishes into their tiny Germantown space. The building, which looks more like a wee cabin than a storefront is only 12 feet by 16 feet.

Inside, though, gift items (many of them appropriately tiny) are arranged floor to ceiling. Be sure to look down – some very cool things are hiding on low shelves.

Inside Nest, Memphis, Tenn.

What I liked most about Nest is that because of the space's size, everything in the shop seems like it was stocked with intention – there's aren't any items that don't belong. I loved the tiny spoons, vintage silverware bundles, shabby chic textiles and selection of cute necklaces (that range in price from crazy reasonable to fairly high end).

Spoons at Nest, Memphis, Tenn.

And despite it's size, Nest is the sort of place that would probably have a gift for even the pickiest people. Next time I need something for my mom or a hard-to-buy-for lady friend, this is where I'm going.

A word of warning before you head to Nest: it's really hard to find on Google Maps alone. The easiest way to get there is to head east on Poplar (towards Germantown). Turn right into The Market at Poplar Estates – it sort of looks like a garden center. Keep going once you turn in, and Nest will be on your left.

Go there:


6995 Poplar Ave.
Germantown, TN 38138


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