Show Your Colors: More Photos of Your Grizzlies Fandom

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 7th 2012 4462 0

The final round of submissions are in for the Grizzlies Show Your Colors Contest, and again, I'm completely impressed by your commitment to the home team.

First, the youngest Grizz fan in the contest: Dara G. sent in this adorable picture of her daughter, Eleanor at her very first game:

Dara G.

Lindsey V. tricked out her deck with Growl Towels:

Lindsey V.

@darrinearl shows his Grizzlies love from Australia:


@Juliehagar and her fiancee were prepared for last week's game:


@miggyeliggy showed her love on the office's white board:


Here's a picture that @Shannonrlitte sent in of someone Z-Boing with a Huey burger in his mouth:


Louise B. sent in this photo:  of "Jay Biedenharn grinding in the grit in the St. John's Episcopal Church plot in the East Buntyn Community Garden":

grit grind garden

And lastly, @nath_sta has this home decor display, about which he says "I may draw like a 1st grader, but that doesn't stop me from reppin' Grizz on our mantle":


Now, it's time to pick winners. I've got a whole slew of prizes to give away, so there will be more than one winner. Check out the first round of entries, and then let me know which ones you think are deserving of gear from the Grizzlies and Hoop City Memphis in the comments. I'll pick a winner tomorrow morning.

Author: Holly Whitfield

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  1. Amanda says:

    Gotta vote for the one from Australia! #believememphis

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Austrailia all the way! With the whiteboard a close second, b/c my husband drew it! 🙂

  3. Allison says:

    Can't beat Australia! I say whiteboard and baby are close seconds though!

  4. Christy says:

    @Juliehagar and her fiancee are too cute!  They get my vote!

  5. Rebekah says:

    Nathan's grizz mantel!

  6. Nicole says:

    Obviously Nathan Stamper's chalkboard decoration 🙂

  7. Jennifer Wild says:

    Gotta give props to @nath_sta for talking his wife into letting him put that on her mantle.

  8. Ashley says:

    Gotta vote for the chalkboard drawing by @nath_sta! Chalkboards are in. 😉

  9. Jarred says:

    Nathan wins the cup.

  10. Cassandra says:

    Loving the shoes!

  11. Joni Powers says:

    I vote for @nath_sta!!

  12. Jenny says:

    Darrin and Australia for sure!
    Also I like the whiteboard art from Mary Elizabeth

  13. bobbi kravis says:

    i vote for nathan cuz i see he's got a nice piece'a mantle there.  


  14. Teresa says:

    My vote is for Lindsey's tricked out deck!!

  15. Patrick says:

    Jay Biedenharn, because he is 6'9", and as the shirt says, all heart.

  16. Megan says:

    @nath_sta! Great chalkboard!  

  17. eric says:

    nath_sta, for the win.

  18. Echo says:

    Hopefully the Grizzlies pull out a win tonight! They'd really hate to seen Eleanor's pout (okay, I lie, it is TOTALLY PRECIOUS!).

  19. Echo says:


  20. Carson says:


  21. Rachel B says:

    voting for the custom Grizz sneakers! love them! 

  22. Greg says:

    The mantel rocks

  23. Stuart says:

    Nathan's Chalkboard

  24. Nicole Marie says:

    Chalkboard picture! Very cool.

  25. Robin says:

    Baby Gonzalez!!! How cute is that!  And a true dedicated fan to wear it all over her onesie!

  26. Jacqui Green says:

    I'm voting for the custom Grizz sneakers! 

  27. Ann P says:

    i vote for grizz love from Australia!

  28. justin says:

    Chalkboard mantle all the way

  29. Kim says:

    The shoes get my vote…the baby was a close second, though.

  30. Shanee says:

    that baby better win!!

  31. renee says:

    Nathan's mantle !!  Good artwork.. maybe tatoo material. 🙂

  32. Brad says:

    Jay Biedenharn  for the cinder block grind.  He also played ball for a semi pro league in Luxembourg 

  33. Marietta says:

    Jay is the man!

  34. KELSEY says:

    I'm voting for the baby!  Too Cute!

  35. Hannah says:

    My vote goes to Eleanor! 

  36. Kelli says:

    My vote is for the adorable grizzly fan!! Eleanor!

  37. Erin says:

    Baby Eleanor!!!

  38. Jo Ann says:

    I vote for Eleanor!!!  she shows that you are never to young to be a fan.  Or that her parents are fanatics.

  39. Jules says:


  40. amber says:

    Eleanor for the win! What a doll and major props to her parents for taking the little one out. That takes dedication!

  41. Bridgette says:

    Baby Eleanor could make anyone a Grizzlies fan!! She has my vote:)

  42. Thomas Robinson says:

    Hoow up my main man Big Jay. He grinds.

  43. Brittany Powers says:

    I vote for the Grizzlies shoes from Ben A!

  44. Coco says:

    I’m going with the baby.

  45. Clare says:

    Jay's the best!!! I met him in New Orleans years ago…in the delivery room 🙂
    Love, Mom

  46. I vote for Jay Biedenharn!!!!  Anyone who is doing volunteer gardening AND showing Grizz pride TOTALLY is rocking the Memphis spirit!  Go Jay, go!!!

  47. Ekegg says:

    Jay B.- awesome!

  48. Merit says:

    I Vote Jay Biedenharn all the way!!! He is awesome cause he's volunteering, showing team pride, and overall representin'  Memphis. Get 'em Jay!

  49. Sally c says:

    Jay Biedenharn getting down and dirty!

  50. Kimberly says:

    Jay ROCKS!!!

  51. Kate Weaver Stead says:

    My vote is for Jay Biedenharn!!   Good job Louise!

  52. Pam M says:

    Go Jay!  Put some sweat into it! 🙂

  53. Julia Eason says:

    I vote for Jay Biedenharn!!!  He is great!!

  54. Leigh Robinson says:

    My vote is for Jay!

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