365 Things to Do in Memphis #132: Go to the Indoor Trampoline Park

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 11th 2012 7498 0

I've got three words for you: indoor trampoline park. And three more words: Memphis has one.

 Assignment #132 is to pretend to be a little kid again at Sky Zone (just go easy on the flips).

Sky Zone, Memphis, Tenn.

Sky Zone is a giant warehouse full of trampolines. There's a giant trampoline divided into individual jumping squares with a trampoline sides (so you can bounce off of the walls). There's a foam pit that you can flip into after bouncing down a little trampoline runway. There are basketball courts that allow even those of us who are 5 feet tall to dunk and dodgeball courts for team sports.

It's really, really fun. A little silly, very tiring, but super fun. I never worked up the nerve to flip into the foam pit (I stuck with regular jumps), but I did manage to sucessfully hurl myself at the trampoline walls.

Inside Sky Zone, Memphis, Tenn.

You rent time at Sky Zone for anywhere from half an hour ($10) to two hours ($25). An hour is probably plenty for most people – jumping on a trampoline is way more exhausting than I remembered it to be. I was fine for about half an hour, but I definitely wouldn't have made it 90 minutes. If you've got a pack of kids you need to exhaust, though, Sky Zone is the place.

Before you go to Sky Zone, especially if you're going when school is out, reserve your jump time online. If unstructrured bouncing isn't your thing, they offer fitness classes and dodgeball tournaments.

Go there:

Sky Zone

5355 Distriplex Farms Dr.
Memphis, TN 38141


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  1. Sanithia Bell says:

    That’s has to be the coolest place l have ever seen online l have to make that a high priority to come there a bounce my 44dds around lol.

  2. Margaret Rodriguez says:

    Well, Trampolines are all the way perfect for body and for fun! Love to jump on it!

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